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Author Topic: Couples Services (girl joining you) experience and recommendations  (Read 2382 times)

Hi guys,

Great forum here which I have been lurking in for a bit but thought it was time to start contributing and asking for a bit of help. I thought this might assist those who have been thinking about getting a girl to join them and their partner.

My girlfriend always knew I had a bit of a fantasy of having a threesome again (which I have done in the past a few times before I'd met her) and we used to sometimes fantasise about it during sex and watch a bit of lesbian / threesome porn. My gf is in her early 20's and a real stunner  and very sexual, however, she had never even kissed a girl in the past, but being eager to please  we ended up talking about the possibility of getting an escort to join us one night. We had even gone as far as cold calling an agency one night half way through sex to try and arrange a girl but as they couldn't accept card (lol we were newbs!) it didn't happen.

First Time - Monika


A little bit after this after a few drinks on a night out we finally made a spur of the moment booking to see an EE girl through an agency who was recommended as being into couples. To be honest she wasn't chosen on looks but was deemed "ok" enough from her photos and more because she is supposed to be great with couples.  I have to admit I actually felt a bit nervous as you don't know how it might turn out and could be a disaster and could even cost your relationship... as a result we agreed "ground rules" that I wouldn't have sex with the escort but she could give me a blow job. Anyway we arrived there and the girl looked quite different from her photos but was pretty enough with a decent body which my gf approved of. We went inside sorted out the payment (£100 extra for a couple) and she took the lead in a relaxed way slowly kissing my gf and helping us undress...she asked if we had rules and I explained "no penetration" but my gf immediately replied "no, screw that - you can fuck her" and could tell that even though she was horny that she meant it. We ended up having a proper threesome with the girls taking it in turns to be done in the doggy positions as they ate each other out. My gf was a demon and took to it immediately and we actually ended up being a bit more intense than our experienced wg who was recommended for being good with couples could cope with. I managed to cum twice but the second time was more a case of me and my gf having sex as the girl wanked next to us - she described us as very "porno".

on the way back in the taxi we couldn't stop laughing about the experience and were so horny we were almost having sex before we walked into the house...clearly no "issues" following the vent - more the opposite.

Second Time - Billie Blows

https://www.adultwork.com/2089048 or https://www.adultwork.com/BillieBlows

Whilst we really enjoyed the first time we did feel there was an itch that hadn't been properly scratched as the EE girl was slightly daunted by the way we took to it and asking us why we were paying for it as we are both young and in good shape (my gf was a championship swimmer and i taught martial arts part time) and not "what she expected" - whatever that meant.

As a result, within a few weeks and a bit of research we booked up through AW an English girl who was in really good shape being an ex stripper and had said in comms she was really into couples. She worked out a bit cheaper and we booked her for longer (1.5 hours).

She was really nice and going on how stunning my gf was and even asked us for a photo to show her mates (we politely declined). She was incredibly up for it and utter filth, she was fucking ans sucking, licking and rimming like there was no tomorrow and there was no clock watching or suggestion we should leave. In fact, we eded up leaving past the 1.5 hour mark because we had nothing more to give ! A real porn star experience!

Third Time - Kylie James

https://www.adultwork.com/2515542 or https://www.adultwork.com/American%5FPie%5FXXX

After a few months I suggested we try another one and we visited another girl following lengthy research on AW - an American girl close by to us who was a stripper in the States. She had a lovely body and was good company - the sex was excellent albeit more sensual than porn, with all three os us writing all over each other in quite sexy positions in a nice candlelit room. Lots of fun and probably somewhere in between our two previous encounters. The service was full on with everything you asked for provided but without the filthy mouth and loudness. After we left, we ended up having sex outside close to her apartment afterwards as we were so turned on!

Our overall experience has been that we have both enjoyed it and it is scary how "normal" it seems once we turn up and have sex with a girl together. Whilst my gf isn't a closet lesbian she does enjoy it and gets turned on and it has brought us even closer - imagine sharing a secret hobby like this with your other half!

Next Experience (Maxes Angels)- help please 

Anyway, we are now looking to do something next weekend and have been impressed by the reviews for Maxes Angels and the fact they dont charge extra for couples (if you are a real couple that is).

Having looked at their girls we have a shortlist as follows:

Molly: http://www.maxesangels.com/london_escorts/Molly.3.208.htm

Olivia: http://www.maxesangels.com/Olivia.htm

Kelly: http://www.maxesangels.com/high_street_kensington_kelly.htm  (more on rep than looks)

Gia: http://www.maxesangels.com/london_escorts/Gia.2.287.htm

Lenoni: http://www.maxesangels.com/leonie.htm

Apologies for the mass query but I'd be really grateful for any comments on the above girls positive or otherwise and if anyone thinks it will be helpful for me to post proper reviews for the three above I have mentioned I will be happy to.


11 review(s) found for BillieBlows linked to in above post (8 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)
4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I'd be really grateful for any feedback on those girls at Maxes or if anyone knows any girls agency or AW who wouldn't charge extra (or substantially extra) for a couple please do let me know.


Offline vt

Thanks for sharing...not sure you'll get too many who can give informed replies about a 'couples service'...that is a pretty rare situation you find yourself in...thank your lucky stars for that!!  :thumbsup:

I'm sure it won't be the only offer you'll get, but if you and the GF are at all curious about a 'straight' MMF, I would be glad to help out...I may even waive my usual fee!!  ;)

 :lol: :lol:

Thanks for offer but I'd have to politely decline lol neither us would be into that and whilst my gf has been amazing and not jealous I would be the total opposite and probably commit a murder if another bloke got close to her!

I know I'm very lucky- whilst I've had a few threesomes in the past (three abroad with strippers in the vip and a couple of half hearted drunken fumbling with exes and their friends) I could never have even dreamed of suggesting we get an escort together. However my gf is different and I think the key to success is probably that she's quite sexual (but funnily not really bi), confident and competitive. As a result she was willing to go along with it and because she's very confident in her looks she probably didn't feel intimidated (more the other way with the girls we used tbh) and she's also keen to prove she's "better" lol

I won't lie it took me ages to go through with it as our relationship is good and you can never be 100% sure it won't lead to problems but I'm really happy to say that if anything it brought us closer. We have a little secret that is ours, and in a funny way it shows she really loves me and it also means I don't have any secret side - be it porn, or even escorts !  It's certainly not for everyone I guess and I think most important of all is that your gf/wife is very confident. I think a girl who is too into girls might lead to reverse jealousy - I guess we just hit the perfect balance. :)

Anyway - if anyone has seen those maxes girls please do tell!

Offline vt

Oh well, worth a try!!  :cool:

I can see how the dynamic works for you & the GF, that has got to be pretty rare!

I've had some moresome attention at paid sex parties, double BJs, even a FFFFFFFM with tits and pussy everywhere...mindblowing! It is also fun to see a horny girl get greedy with multiple cocks...but then there's no jealousy at a sex party where everyone is there for the same thing and no emotional attachments to get in the way.

Good luck with the info on the Maxes girls!  :hi:

Hey Spartan, good to hear about your experiences. Myself and my wife recently started on a similar sexual exploration - that of inviting other girls to our bed. It's been great, my wife has loved the new bi-sex element and it's all actually brought us even closer, the feeling of joint liberation is palpable.

We have now used Vixens agency two times, with pretty spectacular results, in the shape of Mariah http://www.vixens-london-escorts.co.uk/escort/Miriah_london_escort_1822.html and even more so of Angel (genuinely bisexual, oh my god what her and my wife enjoyed together was awesome - I did get a look in too, and planting of looking as well!) http://www.vixens-london-escorts.co.uk/escort/Angel_london_escort_1876.html

I'm now researching girls on AW as independents tend to be cheaper - though then it has to be less spur of the moment on our part, which is developing as we get more into threesomes. Max's agency offer of couples at standard rates is nice, but the agency is one of the pricier ones in the first place. Did you have any luck there? I'm very keen to hear of share and swap experiences as there's not generally a great deal for couples on this board. We're also considering another couple, e.g. http://www.hotescortcouplelondon.com as well as a non paying arrangement, maybe via Craigslist.

Nice to know someone else is sharing this all with their partner too.

Offline beachtest

sorry to bump this but keeping things all organized, has anyone had any luck or recommendations on girl joining a couple?

Does HOD cater for couples?
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