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Author Topic: Would you invite a girl to your house on an outcall?  (Read 2051 times)

Just wondering how often this happens.  I did it once, but only with someone I'd seen several times at that point.

Offline JV547845

I've done it.  She just seemed trustworthy on the phone.  It went OK.

Offline galcom666

I would invite some select WG who I've seen before but not a stab in the dark unknown one.

Offline eeeasy

 :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:   only if she can afford me    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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Offline Quesadilla

Just wondering how often this happens.  I did it once, but only with someone I'd seen several times at that point.
So far I've only done two outcalls out of something like 12 - 13 punts; I am separated so no wife/girlfriend to worry about obviously.

One was with a girl I'd met once and was very happy to invite into my home. The other was a total punt and a complete disaster - pics did not look like profile and regretted every minute of it, but because I invited her to my home didn't feel I could just turn her away.

When you punt of course there are the obvious risks - bait and switch, not as advertised, just a bad service, etc, but when you let a WG into your home there are additional risks that just need to be weighed up and minimised. 

My view is that a WG who gets a review saying she's a thieving scumbag would be 1,000 times worse than any review about bad service so a well reviewed WG is not likely to take the risk but still don't leave any valuables just lying around and try not to let the WG out of your sight longer than you have to.  Probably more important than valuables - paperwork with your real name on, like utility bills, credit card statements etc could be easily used for nefarious purposes and you are much less likely to notice they are missing until your identity has been stolen. 

That said I have two outcalls booked this week - both recommendations of members on here.  Fingers crossed eh? :)

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Offline mrsaxon

I have had 3 out calls to my house, I live alone so nothing to worry about there. I have done simple things like put my wallet laptop etc in an obscure spare room drawer to be on the safe side. One of the escorts did turn up in nothing but a fur coat which raised some eyebrows with my neighbour across the road as he was washing his car!

Offline sentinel

If I hadn't got to to meet the girl before and knew that I could trust her then the safest way for the first time at one's own house would be through a reputable agency.

That way you know you are going to get the girl that you expected and it is highly unlikely that she will try to rob, blackmail or assault you and you always have the chance to raise an issue with the agency if the girl gives a shoddy service.

Don't forget that escorts invite total strangers (i.e. punters) into their homes or work-flats several times daily so trust and feeling safe is very much a two way thing.
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Offline Dino

I've had an outcall with lass I hadn't met before.  If do enough research, and, chat to her etc beforehand to help make your mind up whether you's would definitely get on (and, if she's genuine & wouldn't rob your ass etc.  LOL) and feel comfortable having her in your home then I cannot see it been a big deal.

Unless requested - for discretion purposes - I doubt any would come dressed in Stockings & Suspenders, LBD etc thus alerting neighbours etc to what might be going on

Its up to the punter at end of day though, and, of course their circumstances.

If its to an hotel though then obviously things alter slightly cos no nosey neighbours to worry about
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Offline Toshiba

I cant but would if i was single but only at night

Would be great shagging loads of sexy girls in my pad, i wouldnt give a fuck about the neighbours

Keep an eye on them though and id always trust this site to provide me with info on them

Offline greychap

I have done but I would be a bit picky with what agency I used for a home visit an like to use ones where most of the girls are English on there and English reception staff. I avoid a home visit if it looks like could be controlled by a foreign pimp or the price is to too cheap.
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Over the years ive had i say about 6 outcalls to my house. I didn't have any bother afterwards, not sure if any of the ladies are still working nowadays.

Now, i live in Stirling so even if they were still working, it's a hell of a long way to find me from newcastle lol.

No i haven't had a wg back here & no i won't, got a wife, a kid under 1 and a step daughter here so no chance of any peace & quiet lol

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