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Author Topic: Skye.....Playmates  (Read 1153 times)

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Offline jasper


Geniune student.....
Age   20
Measurements   32B
Complexion   Light Tanned
height   5 ft 3
Hair   Light Brown
Eye   Green
Dress Size   8
Nationality   British
Location   Leeds

I had some business to attend to in Yorkshire and decided to try out Skye from playmates/angel Companions. I rang on the morning of the visit and was told that my requested time of 12:30, was available with the lovely Skye. I was texted the details of address and arrived with 20 minutes to spare. Took a stroll around the area and checked that I had the correct appartment building. 10  minutes before my planned visit, I rang to confirm and was sent a text with door password and appartment number. On trying this , it as obvious that something was wrong, I rang again and the lady at the other end realised that she had sent me to the wrong appartment. I have to say I was a bit pissed as I was working to a time deadline. I did receive an apology by text.
Found the new appartment which was about 5-10 minutes drive away, parked up and knocked on the door, with all the usual doubts in my mind. Skye opened the door and invited me in, my first thoughts were "YES". This truly is a genuine student, working part time as an Escort, in order to pay some of her student debt off. She told me that she is a genuine 21 years old, but I have to say she looks about 18, with a very fresh youthful look. Skye is very pretty facially, with lovely long dark brown hair, great teeth and gorgeous eyes. She has a very petite frame, with a light tan, shown off beautifully with her bikini tan line. Skye was freshly shaven , with a lovely peachy bottom and a very nice handful of perky breast. Visually to me, the perfect woman.
Having had a sipof my drink, I paid upfront and asked if I could use the shower. Having taken my shower, I dried myself using a piece of cardboard, that Playmates/Angels are passing off as a towel," please people, we are paying good money to see your girls, get some decent towels.... rant over".
Ok, reasonably dry, went to the bedroom, to find the lovely Skye still fully dressed in a nice dark blue mini dress, complete with high heels. We immediately went into a good old snogging session, with I have to say was very nice, we were both getting progressively more passionate and really starting to enjoy one another. Having snogged one another's face off for some time, I decided the dress needed to go and asked Skye if she would mind removing it. she was more than happy to dispense of all of her clothing in one foul swoop. The site of this stunning 21 year old's tight body, was indeed a sight for saw eyes, like a kid in a candy shop, I just had to explore and taste all the treats on show. Skye did not disappoint, with very reactive nipples and a lovely, meaty almost pussy....num,num.
Having had my fill of Skye, lovely body, it was her turn and she gave a very good, but not great BJ. The Bj was done with plenty of enthusiasm, but lacked a little in the sloppy department. She attemted DT, which was very nice but not as deep as I would have liked. We move into several positions and I enjoyed playing with all of Skyes little holes and lotsof snogs, this really is very close to what you might expect from a very good GFE.
We had sex in several positions and as time was pressing I asked If Skye would allow a facial? I got the yes and finished off with Skye lying on her back, licking my balls, whilst I came all over that oh so cute face. Another nice touch was that as I was coming Skye opened her mouth and took what she could into her mouth........awesome site

Skye....Super cute genuine Student
Would I recommend ?   yes
Would I see again ? Leeds is a bit of a track for me, but if I was in the area again... yes


Offline JezLeeds

Hi, did Skye have a big tattoo on her leg? I can't see it in the pictures but maybe the agency edited the pics, if it's the lady I'm thinking of I will be booking this weekend and she looks like a lady I have seen before but lost track of her

Offline johnboy007

I've seen Skye once.

Nice enough girl, but she clearly didn't use mouthwash between punts as her breath absolutely stank to high heaven. A major put off.

Facially, I'd put her below average. She's certainly not attractive in my view and mixed with terrible breath it was one of my worst punts of 2014.

Banning reason: Abusive + Leaver

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