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Author Topic: LMP Bristol reviews? (Lady Marmalade Party)  (Read 918 times)

Did anybody go to the latest parties?
Seems to be hardly anything has been mentioned

Offline Hubert

I was wondering the same.
Have tentatively booked for the 3-5 slot on the 19/11

I went to an LMP party last month, I think it was Wednesday the 18th. As usual had a great time, Izabella is smoking, a bit of Penelope Cruz and Mila Kunis going on, really great blowjob, spitting, use of tongue. Firm handjob, eye contact, great dirty talk. Same for Kasia, and emily who has great technique, enough to to make my cock ready for a  5th round, again really accommodating, doesn't usually do dirty talk but pulled it out the bag for me.

Again as with everything in this game it's personal taste and although she's been doing this a year Chantelle wasn't really buzzing, really nice and again can't fault her on technique but being a mid 20's man myself I know that conversational skills take work and time to develop of course we aren't there for the conversation, but you do have to build a rapport with clients quickly. For other guys it'll be part of her appeal that she's "quiet". I like girls with a bit of something about them.

Any Q's give me a shout.     


Offline UKSubTaz

Hi, I commented on a post before about attending a LMP party. If someone could pm me and help with links and getting in to contact with someone to make a booking that would be helpful.

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