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Author Topic: Wednesfield: xx.rubby.xx Romanian  (Read 978 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2596382 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx%2Erubby%2Exx (Roumanian

Location in Wednedsfield, 4-5£ by taxi from Wolverhampton station, appears to be plenty of parking in residential area and at the Sainsburys store at the end of the road, which is good for getting a taxi back in to town.  Very non descript semi house with little in furnishings apart from a bed. I suspect a few girls might use the house as the other bedroom looked very utilitarian as well.

Called Rubby and managed to get a 30min booking for £50, surprisingly good English over the phone and at the start but then failed to engage during the action. Nicely tanned body I would guess size 6-8 and 5'4" with nice breasts and long dark hair and no facial hair, good looking as per image.

No extras were offered a rather limp covered oral, fairly quick and this was done to get me erect and that was all...nothing sexy about it all. No dfk and no reversal oral... I suspect her likes on AW are a copy and paste job.

For the main event I was offered me on top or her on top, instead I suggested doggie which was okay as she's nice and tight. The sex was nothing spectacular with little interaction from her which was starting to put the dampeners on my wish to continue. Rarely does this happen so to make the best off it  I thought of another more exciting punt. I dare say Rubby was probably counting cows in a field back in Romania.  Any way as we continue to remain coupled but in our parallel universes I rose to another mental level and finally came. End of punt, deed done and then whisked out of the door. 

For a quickie it gets a positive but had I been looking for a GFE then it would have been a resounding negative. Knowing that she was Romanian and the cultural differences I had a good guess what to expect. Bit of a shame as she is fit, speaks good english and has plenty of potential to be an excellent punt. Still it beats working out in the gym for an hour, not sure I would return but it was a bargain basement punt.
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1 review(s) found for xx.rubby.xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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