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Author Topic: xxqueenrosexx of Leighton Buzzard.  (Read 1336 times)


This lady seems to have a lot of good feedback on AW but no reviews on here, just a passing mention by a banned member. Anyone seen her, and is she as good as her feedback suggests?

4 review(s) found for Deep Throat Delights linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

i saw her a few weeks ago mate  - very enthusiastic, and pretty much you get whats on her profile. If you are into DFK (which I am) she is pretty much full on, which I liked.

The only thing (which in fairness she does make clear on here AW profile) is no bum fun. No tongue, fingers or dick allowed anywhere near it. But as I say , she does make this clear. Overall I would go again. Apologies for not reviewing, just never got round to it

Cheers. I'll see her next time I am around her way. Sounds like she's fun!

Offline Taggart

Normally, I'd not look at 40-something's but that pussy. Oh boy, what a picnic on offer!!
And a pretty good figure too.  Added to HL

Offline general-sid

Up until august she was offering a discount..
Banning reason: Troll

Offline The happy one

Was thinking that's not too bad then I saw the wrinkles on her fingers

Too old gir me

Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Offline Big Bad R

Met this lady in Leighton Buzzard a couple of months ago.

'Mature' lady, excellent service and very keen. Safe environment (flat over shops). Saggy tits (think there is something on blog about waiting for boob job). Face 'okay'. Body and face a 6/10. Service 8 or 9/10.

Personally I would not return, like them more pleasant to the eye and a bit younger.

Offline Demuncher

Can only verify what others have said on here.

Facially just about above average I would say.
Heavy east end/cockney accent
Very talkative and easy to get on with
Very saggy tits
Does not like anal play on her.
Will rim you, although I remember being a bit mechanical (to be fair pretty hard to find really good rimmers)
Her speciality is DT and positively encourages you to fuck her face. I would occasionally stop to see if she was ok, but generally the response was hell yeah, keep going.

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