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Author Topic: Hush & LadyMarmaladeParty, Birmingham tomorrow  (Read 699 times)

Offline Captain Caveman

As I mentioned in another thread, there are several parties in Birmingham tomorrow, the 23rd.


I've decided to go to Hush Parties at 11 and then LMP at 3 - hopefully the couple of hours break between them will give me enough time to recover  :)

Anyone else going to be there?

Banning reason: Making racist slur

I'm at the 12pm LMP party. Did think about doing the Tudor lounge party a hour later but I think I'll be struggling by then  :wacko:

Offline Captain Caveman

I'll be relying on you to warm the LMP girls up for me then!  :D
Banning reason: Making racist slur

I'll do my best mate but I'll be in and out like a bank robber  :D As many times as possible is my way of thinking :wacko:

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