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Offline Corus Boy

She is touring and leaves Cardiff Thursday 23rd October.  I never got her name so I'll call her Blondie.


‎I've posted this this as Positive but it could easily have been Neutral but NOT Negative.
Initial contact via AW but was asked to phone, OK by me but my questions on the email were not addressed. Phone went to Answerphone but I got a call back. Ascertained where she was then communication reverted to texts.

Repeated original unanswered questions, no answers to questions but communication stayed good.

Made an appointment via text and told to call at a certain time on the morning.

So far almost all good, Blondie is English so no language difficulties.

Phoned this morning‎, as instructed but no answer. Waited until one hour before booking deciding who was to be Plan B when a text arrived giving the full address and instructions.

Arrived as instructed, buzzed in promptly and made my way to the door that opened as I arrived. Blondie was as her profile and I was ushered into the bedroom. I asked directly about kissing and OWO. Yes to OWO but no to kissing, OWO was "at discretion" ‎on her profile, I'm sure kissing was also there but seems to have disappeared now. A little disappointed but not unexpected and I decided to go ahead.

Told to undress, lie down and offered an only massage. It was more an oily tickle but it was nice, especially the body to body bit. Turned over and Blondie turned her attention to my cock.  Oily hand work and then very nice OWO.  After enough of this she asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth or on her tits!  I told her in her pussy, so out with a condom and on it went.  Reverse Oral was declined as she was feeling very sensitive :(  Blondie laid on her back and opened her crotchless panties and guided me in.  I enjoyed the sex and eventually came.

Blondie, cleaned up and suggested more massage to use up the time, who was I to refuse?



Good communications, mostly.
Very nice apartment.
Nice arousing tickle massage.
Great OWO.
Sex was good.
Used my time to the maximum, no hint that I was expected to leave after I came.


No kissing.
She never undressed, just revealed what was required as necessary.

As the Pros far outweighed the Cons I decided on a Positive review.  If you like big tits you'll love meeting Blondie. 

AW Feedback seems genuine and whoever left the Negative comment is probably fake or on a different agenda.

1 review(s) found for BustyBlondeGirl linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Jj24

Where was she based when you seen her ? I see shes back until the 31st

Offline Corus Boy

Where was she based when you seen her ? I see shes back until the 31st

A Cardiff Bay apartment.

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