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Author Topic: Silky Blue Debbie Portsmouth  (Read 948 times)

Offline fabbian von minky

Banning reason: Troll

Offline riskytimes

yes i made a booking with her and agreed time and then when i phoned from just around the corner from her place she ignored the call !!!

Offline James999

Her feedbacks fucking terrible, and appears to be from genuine punters not newbies / wasters  :thumbsdown:

And her pics show someone who's nearer 50 than 35  :vomit:

Negative   gosportblue (12)   10/09/2014 12:32   Seeking Services
     Words cannot describe the dingy place nor the fact there were other men in the house which she could see no problem with Cancelled her there and then!!

Negative   WonderousTongue (46)   09/08/2014 12:56   Seeking Services
    Despite the careful pre-booking, arrived early in the given road unable to get any reply from Debbie's mobile. Wasted 124 mile round trip so Never again

She has just bid on my RB not long after it was put up. In view of comments I don't think I'll be taking her up on her offer


Offline riskytimes

yeah i booked her one night drove to southsea and when i got there no answer on her phone complete timewaster and dreamer !!!! :thumbsdown:

Offline G-style

I have seen her a couple of times, different profiles. First time, a house in copnor, so so punt wouldn't have gone back.
Second time as Silky Blue Debbie, hotel, not bad, slim, 30+, nice underware, good attitude. Better than some punts but missing that ... Something?

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