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Author Topic: Blow jobs  (Read 2754 times)

Got to be OWO, no teeth !@*!^&  :dash:. Deepthroat is great but if they cant do that, at least an attempt to work the whole thing in some way is appreciated. No handed is also great especially when they are sat on the edge of the bed and I am stood in front of them, it works for me that way for some reason.
Alternating between sloppy and loose and hard and no spit works well.
Infact even a crap BJ is still a good BJ  :lol:  there are just different levels of good.

Oh and for the deepthroat fans out there if you can, I would recommend https://www.adultwork.com/651943 she is the only prossie I have seen in all these years that can do it properly and take me right down with no drama and actually enjoys the challenge.
 Not seen her in  ages  :( but the last time I did  she had ahold of my backside trying to impale her head on me, Happy days  :yahoo:  :cool:

Oh and I forgot to add, CIM is not essential for me but I do love it when they do it and carry on sucking right through the orgasm, the squirting, and for a good few seconds after without ever taking it out of their mouth, best thing ever!
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