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Author Topic: Best rimming wg in London  (Read 12183 times)

Offline Quesadilla

Never had a rim job and never had a prostate massage... It's not very appealing to me tbh. I just hope you're not dfk after getting rimmed  :vomit:

Btw shit comes out from the ass  :lol:
Of course, it's a dirty hole, which is surely at least part of the appeal!

Horses for courses at the end of the day, but when I see a peachy butt I just can't help myself but kiss it all over.

Obviously you should make sure you have had Hepatitis shots if engaging in rimming.

I have tried rimming both ways, and it really depends on how good the girl is and how much she's genuinely into it as to whether receiving is worth while.  Sometimes they make a perfunctory attempt and might as well not bother.  Only twice have I really enjoyed it in fact but then only asked for it about four or five times.  I personally would not let a girl rim me if I haven't douched - yes probably not appealing to some of you guys but I expect a WG to do it so I always do the same if there's any sign it's on the agenda. 

Assuming rimming (receiving) is on their likes list I generally tell a WG during initial comms that I enjoy rimming and snogging straight after and suggest they use a douche and wash thoroughly.  If they're not confident enough about their own hygiene to even take it second hand then I don't want to go there. 

No doubt some don't clean thorougly even after being asked but then that's part of the punt I suppose.  Also their loss if I then go and snog them after rimming them isn't it?   :lol:

I've certainly had the rather grim experience with A Levels where I was doing A and pulled out to find the mac covered.  :vomit:  But as the saying goes - shit happens right? 

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Offline unclesweetheart

This girl is simply amazing and when I get some money together I will be seeing her again. She offers giving rimming on her likes list and when she gave it to me, at the end of a very very wonderful session, it was clear she wasn't lying! I came incredibly heavily and repeatedly over her expensive hold-ups - they really were covered. She's gorgeous, very sophisticated and very horny, both. 

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Online jar001

Hey did it go today. I am looking forward to hearing what you thought

Unfortunately had to cancel came down with flu at weekend. Looking to reschedule for next week.

If all ass was like porn movies, poop free and clean no matter how much you fuk it, then sure maybe id be open to rimming... But as you can't be too sure how these wags prepare themselves prior to punts including anal and rimming, I shall pass. Think there's a way to clean the bum cavity with a tool specifically designed for this purpose.

Anyway each to their own.

Happy Punting.

Offline roo222

Bit late to the party here, but I recall this chick enjoys giving rimming:


Really liked this girl but she's quite pricey and her location isn't convinient for me since I moved accross town, so I haven't seen her for ages. Regardless, if she looks like your type and you don't mind paying her prices, I really recommend her.

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Online jar001

Trying to book her for Tuesday but she is on a modelling shoot. Have asked for Wednesday
Fingers crossed fancy having my butt rimmed

Did you manage to see Lucy again? I'm due to see her on the 5 th.

Offline che_666999

Bumping this up.....any suggestions for any new girls who do deep rimming?

Offline tommy1970

KDD, Gabi (ex Maxes) and HSG have all performed this service very well
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Bumping this up.....any suggestions for any new girls who do deep rimming?

Not a new girl, but a great rimming experience   :cool:

https://www.adultwork.com/451924 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anikassecret

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Offline Dreyfus

most girls at SexyAsianEscorts or 007 Escorts (all Asian) do this and well

Sexyblondeisla ...see my reviews. She moves around A LOT. She had black hair when I saw her . Face as pretty as her nice body and she will lick your asshole as if her life depends on it! I told her to stop but she didn't. Don't go by the shit pictures ...she's lovely.

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Offline che_666999

Anyone agency girls (£150 mark) that do rimming? It's always hard to find
Or any fresh AW girls??

Offline che_666999

Any good new rimmers out there?

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Online mrhappypants

OK for those new to the board I would like to point out that the *series of posts from punters subsequently banned* (together with punters, now inactive, that I have suspicions about) might serve as a sign that you should question some of the recommendations in this thread.   

I suggest you do more research before following up with bookings.

I am particularly glad to see that lieing c**t Quesadilla finally got the boot - well done admin.


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Offline kamran234

I've had a really good experience with Vanessa

https://www.adultwork.com/799764 or https://www.adultwork.com/Vanessa%24 -

Yes she is not cheapest and  on my first visit I never asked but second time around she started without prompting.

As a bonus she also gives one of my favourite sloppy BJs.

She is a EE but is a great communicator and has a small but nice place in Kensington.

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Offline irelax32

I'm going to London next week.

Any MILFs who rim? Cheers.

Offline Dreyfus


on my To Do list, as both rimming (giving) and CIF appear to be on offer

Offline irelax32

Not a MILF, but she's gorgeous!

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