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Author Topic: 36GG glamour Porsha  (Read 5179 times)

13 review(s) for 36GG glamour Porsha (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline stayer

https://www.adultwork.com/1967558 or https://www.adultwork.com/36GG+glamour+Porsha

This is a somewhat belated review of Porsha who I met last August.

She was hiring hotel rooms in the Heathrow area, which suits me, as she was having building work done to her apartment in Uxbridge. I called her and asked about 1.5hrs but, as a punter new to her, she'd only do 1hr. Fair enough.

I called again a few days later and requested a booking at 3pm but she couldn't do it as she had another punter finishing at 3.15. She suggested 3.30. Now guys, I do not like back-to-back bookings at all but I was desperate after having failed to book Dee or English Lucy, so I agreed.

I got to the car park of the hotel on the Bath Rd at 3.15 and sent her a text saying that I'd arrived but to take her time and freshen up with a shower. However, by a combination of her punter arriving late and some of her texts arriving late as well, it wasn't until 4.10 that I finally got into her room.

What a lovely sight greeted me, with Porsha wearing a corset. I went to have my shower, having instructed her to remove her top.

Oh, I nearly forgot: as she was so late she gave me a £30 discount on the £160 fee, a nice touch.

On entering her bedroom again, she was on the bed topless. I have to say that in all my years on punting - about 36 - I have rarely seen a more lovely WG, with that fabulous figure and large natural breasts.

So, straight into French kissing, and a disappointment because contrary to what she'd told me, it wasn't deep at all.

Anyway, she gave me a decent OWO and I did some RO. Then I asked her to masturbate but to ask permission to come when she was on the brink of an orgasm (my favourite tease). She frigged herself but I could see that she was about to come, so I stopped her - nobody had every done that, she said.

After some more OWO to get my cock nice and stiff, it was on with the rubber and I got her to ride me (she on top because I'm lazy). She thrust away whilst I fondled her breasts and she came with a gasp.

I then finished by masturbating, as I always do, into her tongue and mouth.

As we were dressing, she commented that I was different to other punters as I know what I want, whereas the other guys seem to let her decide.

Bottom line: it was a good punt with a stunning WG but her DFK let her down. At the moment, Dee is still my favourite.

13 review(s) found for 36GG glamour Porsha linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline west8

Stayer strikes again! Nice one mate.

She looks fit as fuck. According to her AW page, she's on holiday in Jamaica so should return looking super fine.

Where's she from .. and is she as fit as the pics suggest? !!

Offline stayer

I can't quite remember, but she has mixed blood - part East European (Polish I think) and part West European.

Unless she has deteriorated badly in the last 10 weeks, I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Offline west8


Well worth a stop off en route to Heathrow to meet the wife :)

Offline Urban_G

I saw her 2-3 years ago when she worked in Central London under the name Francesca, she's a great punt, very much a PSE.

She told me she was a mix of some EE (German / Polish) and Welsh I think :unknown:

Offline west8

What about those epic orbs? Gravity defying star pointers, or Melons hung-low in a Tesco's carrier bag?

Offline stayer

A UKP member, Bowesj, provided this link:


Note that she has tats on her left side.

But more to the point: how many punters can easily resist the temptation to get their hands on that body?

Offline west8

Even better pics there, thanks.

She looks well worth an hour of any punters time :)

Body like that + service + attitude = guaranteed success!

She's currently in Jamaica spending enjoying our money!

Offline Urban_G

Those pictures of her are quite old now and when I saw her she was a bit curvier, not that I'm complaining, just letting you know.

Offline west8

Shame she's off until November as I quite fancy playing the role of Melon Farmer tomorrow afternoon.


Anyone got a link to Holly's profile please?

Offline ivandobski

Any idea when she's back ? Been wanting to see her for ages

It looks as though she is back now.

Offline bigone

Thanks for the review
Amazing body. Where ihave all her tattoos gone?
Have they been airbrushed out. ?

Offline west8

Just noticed her location in nowheresville. £160 for shitty Hounslow seems a bit steep?

160 for both Porsha and Holly would be decent value :)

Offline stayer

She still has the tats but they have been removed in her AW photos.

Anyone managed to see her lately? She doesn't seem to pick up her phone and texts go unreplied as well.

Desperate to see her again
Managed one meet pre Christmas and I'm keen for round 2 especially as heathrow is fairly local.

Offline stayer

She logged into her AW account yesterday, so it seems strange that she is uncontactable.

Offline sun

Yes, I found her really hard to get hold off too. She was my first ever punt, last month. I had been trying to get a hold off her for nearly a month, via calls and text, without joy until last month and arranged a meet that day.

Been trying to contact her ever since to arrange another meeting but no joy. Gutted! Should love to see her again...

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