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    anybody seen.I am a bit suspicious

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

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    It's a genuine profile mate... However she now openly offers bareback
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    Offline kefell

    I think she used to use Jess2011 then Jess2014.

    The first photo in her gallery is definitely her but I would be surprised if the black and white one is, or at least a recent one of her.
    If it is the person I think it is then she was (is) pregnant and will only be a couple of months or so from being due by now.

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    What's  suspicious  ???

    It's  gone so why ask now?

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    Hiya Lala, or should I say Jess?

    Offline egghead

    Profile gone but there was bad feedback to about unreliability, services not being offered and she had the cheek to give a guy a negative rating when she didn't turn up to an outcall "because my driver let me down"

    Edit: Just searched and found it: [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Now "Nicki", was "Kate" last week and "Jess" before that!!

    And as someone said whats the deal with the pregnant pic, yet no mention of it in the profile?
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    Also the mate she works with has negative reviews and is unreliable.

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