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Author Topic: Roxi22/Victoria Rossi etc  (Read 231 times)

Offline Dreyfus

Apologies - I don't mean to insist on this too much, but I am genuinely surprised this girl got no reviews here, apart from a couple of (not even that enthusiastic) under her later profile of Claire Sexy.
Does anybody remember meeting her as Roxi22 or Victoria/Victoria Rossi? I saw her a bunch of times under those profile names in 2010-12, and then lost track of her.  But she's easily one of the most beautiful and best performing escorts I have ever met.  Just curious whether anybody remembers her, from back then.  I would have thought she would have received tons of reviews here.
Looks like now she's not that active, and up in Nottingham when she is active, so I am afraid I may be just left with memories...

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