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Author Topic: Lana Diamonds  (Read 4263 times)

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Offline Toshiba

I'm getting that itch again... I might risk it with Lana - I need to be able to fuck a really hot one. If she is rigid with me, I'm just going to fuck her really hard - what will she say then? Ha

Dont actually think thats funny to be honest

Offline Bengeo13

Basically, I couldn't help myself! After a run of poor bookings which I will try to motivate myself to tell you about because I know it's important, but Lana's tits persuaded me against my better judgement and the opinions from Highlander and Ollie who I respect.

So I booked for 30 minutes and met at a Jesmond hotel. When the door swung shut behind me I was pleasantly surprised, not just with her fine knockers but her general appearance - very easy on the eye. Very chatty too and on my own experiences she's improved from her previous reviews. There were no complaints about me paying close attention to her breasts, and licking and kissing them was not met with any resistance. Her cowgirl performance was quite slow and sensual, and most enjoyable, to me anyway. No kissing though! Oral was covered.

So in brief summary, she's not likely to progress into a top performer, but if you're a fan of petit, slim girls with wonderful breasts, then Lana should be considered albeit taking into account a limited portfolio of services. 

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