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Offline JV547845

Gentlemen this was my worst punt ever. Poor, uninterested but cheap EE punt with OK looking girl.  I'm not unhappy or pissed off with the punt personally as I thought it might be poor, but I categorically recommend nobody sees her.  Save up and see someone else, or see someone else for half an hour with the same money.  Or stay at home.  Go for a walk in the countryside.  Phone your mum.  Anything...

https://www.adultwork.com/2680516  She's hungarian.  Why they don't put hungarian instead of leaving us to assume they're romanian I don't know.  But she could have been romanian given how bad the punt was.

I was curious for ages about the £60 / hour offers that come up all the time in Newport but I might be sticking to £60/30 minutes punts from now on and putting my bargain hunting on hold.  I spotted her profile this morning and thought she might be quite pretty if she smiled.  I assumed she was just camera shy when the pics were taken.  How I was wrong as it turned out! - She was exactly like her pictures.  I dared myself to phone up to make sure it was fake (I've been phoning a different EE, Nellie, that was apparently available today all yesterday and this morning - total PGS https://www.adultwork.com/2667986).  To my surprise she answered, and as I don't time waste and wasn't doing anything else, and as it was only £60 I decided to go for it. 

She sounded pleasant on the phone but obviously EE as I suspected and said there were no extras, sex was on the cards (penetration (protected) isn't on her likes) and "unlimited cum".  Comms were good, the hotel was easy to find, right off the M4.  Food and fuel available nearby, parking was free ish (for customers).  She was 10 mins late but I didn't mind.  Easy to walk past reception and to the lifts and stairs. 

Once she texted to say she was ready, I went in, she looked OK but is quite short and maybe size 8 and was wearing an unflattering top and leggings.  I don't know what life has done to this poor girl but she just didn't smile!  The room was a bit of a mess as she had a couple of bags open and the curtains closed.  I paid and after she said "Thankyou Darling" at that point her English evaporated. "Off" she repeated so I undressed and got on the bed.  Eventually she came over and put a johnny on me and wanked/ sucked me off.  I had to tell her to take her top off while I was feeling her nice pert tits.  She got me there though, although her hand action was so fast it was a blur at times.  Zero sensuality, sensitivity and eroticism - the poorest blow/hand job I've had.  I didn't care though as I just wanted to fuck her.  She said "no lick" when I lightly stroked her fanny and "no" when I suggested 69 and "sensitive" when I might have over done it on her nipple with my finger.

I've seen WGs do some odd things post coitally before but she then walked back to her desk and started writing something.  I asked her if she was writing a post card or a letter.  Again, English failed her.  It looked like she was doing her expenses or tax return but maybe she was organising her bookings for that day.  I had to stop my self from laughing it was so strange, but it inspired me to make this meme to illustrate what was going through my mind:

I didn't say that out loud of course.  I got her back on to the bed and asked to give her a massage as she was rubbing her neck like it was sore.  There was zero kissing or hugging other than me teasing her nipples during the HJ, so I didn't know how else to get her in the mood for a shag.  She did have nice soft skin.  She hadn't even got her leggings off so eventually I asked her to get naked and told her I wanted sex.  On with the condom and I went for a bit in Miss.  I couldn't take the sad expression on her face and looking away from me though, so I switched to doggy.  This was quite nice for a few minutes as she's got a nice young woman's body.  I was trying to slow down and get her into it, even gave her a reach around and teased her clit some.  But then she said the 5th, 6th or 7th words she knew.  This was a relief as I was tarting to worry she's become a deaf/mute after the phone call.   "Come", "No" and "Come", "No" and then "Pain".  Seriously sexy stuff.  I'm an inexperienced dom and wasn't about to try to be one, and her being a miserable sub I asked her if she just wanted to suck me off instead.  I meant to give her the lube I'd brought with me.  Maybe she cheers up if you ask her to piss on you, not that I care as I really am never going back and hope none of you will go at all.  As open minded as I am, I canot imagine any punter would enjoy this.  She then failed to finish me off with a HJ, even though she lubed the condom with baby oil (I hope she doesn't use that as lube in her fanny or arse as it's bad for condoms). 

Despite, or more correctly because of, her awful blurry hand shake HJ technique, lack of body contact she couldn't get pop two out of me.  I made her rub the baby oil on her hands on to my chest, just to give her an idea of what a sexy thing is like, the sort of thing people who get paid for sex might do for people who pay for sex if they want repeat customers.  So I asked if I could use the shower to get it off afterwards.  It was a nice shower.  I then dressed, gave her a hug and left 10 minutes early.  Might have passed Sergei on the way out but he just could've been a trucker.

I'd love to say that if she smiled a bit, enjoyed her work, put on a matching bra and panties set, got relaxed about being kissed and hugged that it would have been OK.  But I think she really just didn't want to be doing this job.

HJ, teasing boobs and fanny, OW, sex in miss and doggy, massage on her.

My mum always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  So I've had a think and really stretched my brain for this:

Didn't go through my jacket and wallet when I was in the shower.  Honesty is important, and appreciated!
Answers phone well.  A good phone manner is under rated!
Didn't sting me for any extras.  I hate being stung for extras.
OK Looking, ordinary face, nice body, pert tits.  The girl in the photos!
Clean and not a junky.  Drugs are bad people!
"Unlimited cum" - though even one man bukake parties like akauya will find it a challenge to unload their normal number of pops.  Challenges can be good!
The punt was only 50 minutes but felt like it lasted twice that.  I hate it when punts go by like a blur and they kick you out into the street before you can tuck your shirt in.  Wasn't a problem with this one gents!
10 minutes of my free time, available to do with as I wish.  So much time for other activities, away from her!
Negligible chance of disease transmission due to the total lack of intimacy and absolute minimum of body contact!  Probably would've been safe to punt with even if she had Ebola.
I went to Wales and it didn't rain much.  It's good to get out of the house and do some international travel.
I now have no desire to visit Hungary if that place can do this to a person - mega savings!  Everyone hates backpackers and their shit travelling stories anyway!
I got lots of nice reduced stuff in a supermarket afterwards - Wales is so great :).
Great transport links!
Doesn't judge you by your looks, attire or personal hygiene.  I'm OK looking, was freshly showered, my knob was clean and I wore something nice.  She couldn't have given a monkeys!  Nice to meet such a welcoming and accepting girl.  If you like to treat WGs like a sack of meat this one probably wouldn't give any more of a shit than if you wined and dined her. 
In my haste to leave I still have my lube as I forgot to give it to her.  I don't have to buy more lube from the judgemental idiot checkout girls in Tescos!

Not ready on time.
Shit handjob.
Shit blowjob.
No foreplay
Shit sex.
Wrong / no lube.
Crap English
Weird atmosphere.
No other services.
Miserable cow.
The words on the profile are a pack of lies.
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I've been in that situation many times, the Rubber Wank deal is a killer unless you're into Rubber Fetish, I've failed to CUM in those situations many times.  Scarred me for life sometimes, I feel your pain bro, feel your pain......  :cry:

Off my list she goes. thanks for the heads up
why does AW have a warning?
she may have been shit but was real

Offline JV547845

They just put warnings on so many legit girls they're of no use now.  The profile might have been carbon copied out of laziness rather than to create a scam maybe?

Offline sushi

Warnings are put on profiles that AW think belong to EE prossies who won't confirm their nationality.
You don't see those warnings much on the ones who openly admit their EE nationality at the bottom of their profile or have varified themselves.
Romanian prossie have such a bad reputation for ripping punters off and giving crap punts many will try to pass themselves off to punters as being Spanish, Italian or Brazilian etc.

Offline sushi

Part of the AW Warning.

"We have asked the member to provide documentation in order to verify themself.
Until such time as this message no longer appears here, please exercise caution when corresponding with this member as they may not:
 be who they say they are
 be where they say they are
 appear as depicted in any pictures
 offer the services they profess to offer"

So Buyer Beware

Obviously no passport has been provided so the AW warning stays.

Punt a prossie with a warning at your own risk.

Offline JV547845

Meh.  I'm sure she had a passport and her profile pics are legit.  She's just a shit punt and the likes list is way off.

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