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Author Topic: Girlfriend Dior – an exquisitely filthy whore  (Read 18938 times)

21 review(s) for GIRLFRIEND DIOR (17 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Removed from my hotlist a while ago. I'm sure she can provide a good service, but too much of a risk for me for £150. Also, I couldn't give a shit what a SP thinks of UKP. My loyalty will always be with this site and not with an SP.

Offline swfinest

Ive seen her back in 2010/11 and now. I think as has been stated she could of been difficult at times, but what girl, escort or even person can't be at some point, especially while working. Something else I always considered is the Punter/poster/source, not everyone is everyone's cup of tea, even at their desired price point and I am sure there are some real charmers in this game :/

As to weight etc, she is clearly not trying to be a size 8 princess. Her pics and service are accurate, and even with all her extras (prob £100 total if you went for them all) shes VFM or a similar price point compared to  other legendary whores (and  to be fair only those I know of first hand or by reputation) such as Gabriella or Alex at Maxes, KDD to name but a few. If anyone knows a girl in the London area who will let you bang away in all her holes like Drum and Bass rave for less that £250 and swallow you're load with a smile, (and is not hunted by Japanese fisherman) please please tell me their name.

I think if you are respectful etc, 99 times out of 100 you will have a dirty raunchy time, or what ever you desire with Dior. If you hot listed her for a GFE or because you have some fairly unattainable physical perameters for this price, then maybe she is not for you, but if you have hot listed her because you like PSE/dirty/bdsm etc  she will most likely deliver.

As a earlier poster stated, she's probably not for a noobie as she may play games, but realistically most providers will in some shape of form  play with noobs.

Nothing is black and white, especially dem hoes.
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Offline iPad3

Fuck me, Dior must be seething.......some newbie rakes up an old thread and then blows her out and to add insult to injury she now gets another dose of bad publicity!!!

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