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Author Topic: Rebecca Swindon  (Read 1263 times)

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She got OWO ( with discretion )  in the likes column on her profile. So made sure my dick was squeaky clean on arrival.  Nice oily massage, but when she started to massage my dick with her tits, I asked if she was going to use her lips? To which she replied " don't do OWO as boyfriend don't like her to do it" I did point out that OWO is on her likes. But again replied only does it with a condom. So why the fuck she got OWO ( with discretion ) there in the first place?

3 review(s) found for Rebecca Ebony linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Lewis

So why the fuck she got OWO ( with discretion ) there in the first place?

The donkey and carrot trap.

i.e. she listed something that people like, but once she's got your money and your clothes are off, she can pick and choose what services she provides. Been there many times myself. If a service is listed as "at my discretion" then it usually means it's not actually on offer.

Should have made sure by asking her ifs its still on offer when phoned to book. So gave her a negative feedback that she has not yet defended. :thumbsdown:

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