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Author Topic: Annalisa  (Read 1491 times)

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Offline Dreyfus


now, THIS one is a beautiful Romanian -- but service is a bit disappointing.  She's at Admiral and a bunch of other agencies in London. 

Beautiful, petite, slender body.  18-19 at most.  Long legs.  Angelic face.  Central London (Sloane Avenue).

BUT a lot of rules, and a bit ackward.  No DFK, no CIM.   A in theory available but too tight, at least for certain sizes.  Review No.3 on her Admiral site is mine.  As mentioned there, the second time I saw her, I took the initiative and pounded hard for 30 min before closing on her face.  Which was fantastic.  But it was still too mechanical, so I won't go back.

Still, if you want to drill a beautiful young thing, you can give this one a thought.


Offline west8

Met her the day after she arrived in London - Chelsea Cloisters (predictably).

I echo your review 100%. She could be a superstar if she lightened up and was more open-minded in her attitude.

Her body is fucking beautiful and she is super pretty too, but she also does 30 min bookings (Barracuda iirc) and I guess sees a LOT of guys every day :(

btw: she is actually 23, but could pass for 18.

Offline Dreyfus

yes - I think we bonded a bit and she hinted (more than hinted in fact) at the significant number of guys she was seeing.  I also caught her twice early on after her arrival, but then gave up. 
When she opened the door, though, I had falled in love...

Offline west8

Imagine a blonde/brunette teen duo with her and Sweet & Kinky Nicole! :)

Offline Dreyfus

this one is fantastic, if you have not tried her yet. Elegant, intelligent, feminine and takes A like a champ (loves CIM too)


Offline west8

lol, that's weird. I've seen Polish April maybe 10 times :) Seems we have the same taste!

tbh I thought that facially she's quite average, but she is super interesting to talk to. Really, really clued up girl. I think because she only works until 10pm and not at the weekends she gets adequate rest and is always fresh and welcoming. First time I met her I couldn't believe how small she is!

Skip Lucia (fat) and Nikki (piss-poor attitude) and try Ariana or Angelina. Both Romanian and up for anything/everything - including A and facials. Romanian girls without the typical Romanian attitude!

Nicole is here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=40260.0

Offline Dreyfus

thanks - and indeed amusing.

where/how do I find Ariana or Angelina?  Love a girl who can take A and CIF...

Offline west8

Both on Admiral and all the usual EE agencies like Barracuda, HC, Top Secret, Babylon, etc.

Met them as a duo back in July and was totally exhausted. Only downside was that they talked a bit too much - in Romanian!

Offline alan501

If you are talking about this Angelina,
I have seen her a few times, and she is, if not the best escort I've encountered in London in terms of all round ability, definitely on par with the best.
In your London experiences, who would you rate above her?
I would be really interested to know!

Offline west8

lol, weird you wrote that alan. Was just talking with Dreyfus about her.

She has the biggest lips on a white girl I've ever seen .. can't think why :)

Main thing is that she knows how to use them and doesn't have the usual shitty Romanian attitude.

Offline alan501

I thought she was mixed race.
She claimed the hair and the lips were from her 'Brazilian father'. But that might just be a claim to seem more exotic.

If anyone was born to be a sex worker. It's her.
I've had threesomes with her and different girls and these girls would on their own be decent punts, but when together in the same room, get somewhat shown up.

Offline west8

lol, Brazilian-Romanian. Interesting twist as they usually just claim they're Spanish.

You should have asked her something in Portuguese or just said 'Hi' and seen her reaction.

I tried that with Brazilian Mel as she is nothing like a typical Brazilian and I wasn't convinced until she replied :)

Offline dusty99

Just found this thread. I'm a new member on here, and new to punting. I was just about ready to book Beatrice from Admiral, because I fancy a bit of humongous breast action.

However, at the very last moment I changed my mind, and I've booked a duo with Annalisa and Diamond (also at Admirals).

Annalisa looks stunning. I hope the pictures do her justice. My theory is that seeing the 2 girls together, might result in an improved attitude by Annalisa. Let's see. Any duo tips from other members would be greatly appreciated.

This is only my 3rd ever punt, and I'm going for a duo. I have the wrong personality for this hobby! Hooked, on hookers, already.

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