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Author Topic: Kingston-upon-Thames, Larissa Naughty...two reviews in one  (Read 10130 times)

4 review(s) for Larissa Naughty  (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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To take the bad taste out of my mouth from a recent negative / neutral experience, I thought I'd talk about something more positive, two punts I've had with the delectable Larissa Naughty, one week apart.

Punt 1
Who: Larissa Naughty
https://www.adultwork.com/2041938 or https://www.adultwork.com/Larissa+Naughty+
She is definitely the lady in the pics and I would say they don't do her justice.
What: 1 hour incall massage with happy ending / GFE
Where:Kingston upon Thames, loft room conversion in a terraced house, easy to find, reasonably discreet, very safe. Pay and display parking on the road using RingGo system and cash, or nearby car park at Kingston Cattle Market
When: 10/10/14 10am
How much: £160
Scores on the doors:
         Looks      9/10
         Services  9/10
         Attitude   9/10
         Comms before: 10/10
         Comms on the day: 6/10
         Visit again / Recommend? Absolutely yes

Positives - great erotic massage from an absolutely stunning catwalk model beautiful Brazilian. Great sex.
Negatives - No kissing!  More on this later - slight miscommunication / mix-up which left me feeling slightly disappointed at the time but sorted in the end.

The dull bit: Massage parlour porn is a tiny sub-genre which I happen to get really turned on by. I've had loads of regular massages, often with very pretty girls, and struggled not to show signs of arousal. I've always wanted to have a massage that turned into full sex.  So while exploring my local area for quality WGs I was very happy to come across Larissa's profile.

Larissa offers a range of massage services including Nuru and Tantric - either with / without happy ending / full sex, pretty much a menu all of which looked appetising to me.

First punt all I wanted was a straight massage leading to straight sex.

I noted Larissa has on her profile that her favourite wine is Chateauneuf du Pape - which also happens to be my favourite, if you are a fan of red wine you will almost certainly have come across it. Not many people know there is also a white CDP - I only found out when I visited the region a few years back and up to that point I actually only drank red wine - didn't like white at all. When I tasted CDP blanc it converted me.  In the CDP region less than 10% of the wine produced is white, and less than 10% of that is exported so to find someone who even has come across CDP blanc is pretty rare so we had a real talking point when I contacted her.

She was actually on vacation in Brazil when I initially tried to book her but was keen to get something booked I guess to make up for lost time while away. 

Lots of e-mails exchanged, very chatty, very friendly and I promised to bring her a bottle of CDP white from my stash.  It's a £20 bottle of wine, and I normally wouldn't bring gifts to a WG but as I say it was a major talking point and I planned to see Larissa more than once and wanted to start things off on a good note.

The day arranged was 10 days off so all went quiet for a week or so but the day before I got a very professional email with her road and postcode and asking me to confirm the next day's booking, all good, then on the day a very long text also with her road and postcode, plus detailed instructions inc car parking etc. All excellent comms although I didn't need the instructions as I know Kingston intimately.

So I turned up slightly early, parked up, txt'd to say I was there, and was told she was running a few minutes late. No problem. I txt'd back "take your time" as I'd rather she was all set and ready rather than frantic and panicked. She then phoned to say come on over, told me the house number, and off I went.

The house itself looks a bit run down - the front door has a hole instead of a letterbox for example which did not inspire confidence. It's clearly a house split into downstairs and upstairs flats and Larissa came downstairs.

The first thing that struck me is how stunningly beautiful she is - I would say a 9/10 easy and she was not wearing much make up so on her best day quite likely a 10/10. She did seem a bit frazzled and slightly out of breath, and apologised profusely as she was not fully ready - she was not wearing stockings. 

The second thing that struck me is how tall she is! 5'9 without heels which is my height so even in kitten heels she was towering. Slightly intimidating, she gave me a peck on the cheek and ushered me upstairs, I believe a friend operates out of the first floor while she has the top floor which is a converted loft room. Lovely big room, very large luxurious bed - surely a super king size or maybe it just looked that way. Walk in shower in the modern ensuite, all very nice.

I handed her the bottle of wine - her favourite CDP blanc - which I'd brought along in a Sainsbury's carrier bag purely to avoid any attention. She took the wine out of the bag had a quick glance and then rushed off to put it in the fridge with a quick thank you and to tell me she has to put stockings on. Somewhat perplexed I started to undress. Had expected a bit more than just a thank you.

Anyway, back she comes all very friendly, also very apologetic for being late / frazzled, and on with the show.

From there on the session was actually fantastic. She gives a great massage, very erotic, very sensual, while sitting next to you on the bed and moving around you so you can see her half naked and touch as much as you want.  I really enjoyed the massage, but couldn't keep my hands off her and was struggling to stay lying face down without looking like a tripod so I turned over and the fun commenced.

Not going to go into all the details, but the sex was fab, she definitely came which she said is unusual for her, flattering for me (yes I am taking it as true), and all in all it was a very nice session.

The only negative was - no kissing!  Hadn't really noticed it until late on, and normally this is a must for me so the rest of the services were obviously very good.

We had a nice chat afterwards and I broached the subject of the kissing. She was again incredibly apologetic, she didn't think I wanted kissing. Some of her clients are married and find that too intimate so she only kisses if the man initiates.  However, I was sure in my original booking I'd called this out - I checked later, and I did indeed mention FK specifically not just in the booking but in our e-mails.

She was very apologetic and promised to make it up to me another time. She said she'd been rushed off her feet since she's been back from holiday as it's her first few days working again, all fair enough.

But I left just slightly disappointed that she hadn't remembered me, given the lovely e-mails we'd had, and the fact that I'd tipped her - ok it's just a £20 bottle of wine but it's her favourite wine and rather rare. Then I looked at my watch and realised that, given we had started maybe 10 mins late, even including shower, changing, chatting I still came out 5 mins early.

I didn't review her at the time because I was frankly a bit pissed off and it would have been a negative.

Rather than write a negative review I instead wrote to her and told her how I felt - that I had enjoyed our session, but that I felt a bit disappointed about the kissing and her not saying anything about the wine and the 5 mins.

She was incredibly apologetic again - when I had handed her the wine she had only glanced at it quickly as she was behind schedule and a bit flustered and saw the "Cha..." and thought "how nice a Chablis".  It never occurred to her that I was the Chateauneuf du Pape guy - she just hadn't made the connection and I hadn't said anything on the day.  So she really seemed contrite and offered to make it up for me by giving me an extra 30 mins on my next session.

I wanted to try a tantric massage and normally that's £170 ph so 90 mins seemed like a good deal.

So I have to conclude with a very positive review - everyone makes mistakes and Larissa was extremely apologetic and offered to make up for it which to me is the mark of a very professional service provider, and of course the proof is that I was happy to book again straight away.
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4 review(s) found for Larissa Naughty  linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Quesadilla

Punt 2

Preamble otherwise all as above

What: 90 mins incall tantric massage with happy ending / GFE
When: 17/10/14 1.30pm
How much: £170
Scores on the doors:
         Looks      9/10
         Services  9/10
         Attitude   10/10
         Comms before: 10/10
         Comms on the day: 10/10
         Visit again / Recommend? Absolutely yes

Positives - great tantric massage from an absolutely stunning catwalk model beautiful Brazilian. Great sex. Great kissing! :)
Negatives - None!

The dull bit: Larissa was keen to put the previous weeks' error behind us and delivered an outstanding second meeting.

If you haven't had a tantric massage, it's well worth trying once with someone who knows her stuff, and Larissa definitely does. It's a very sensual, erotic, almost electric experience and I won't spoil any of the surprise by telling you what's involved. All I can say was just 5 mins in I was so hard I was aching, and the teasing just got more and more intense.

We switched from massage to sex and I just got totally lost in the moment, before I knew it 90 minutes had flown by - so glad I didn't try to squeeze it into a regular hour, we even ran over slightly and Larissa was absolutely fine with that.

Couldn't ask for a better experience, although Larissa was so nice about everything it ended up making me feel a bit like a jerk for the way I complained. 

Assuming she's forgiven me I will definitely see her again!

Highly recommended if you like your massages, and if you like Brazilian ladies with killer looks as well as class.
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considering the no kissing fiasco in punt one i cant see how that it a positive

Offline Quesadilla

considering the no kissing fiasco in punt one i cant see how that it a positive

I didn't notice until late in the session which meant for most of the session it wasn't an issue - I was too busy enjoying other things.  And she took that on board and gave me a free 30 min extension which to me is great customer service. We all make mistakes and have off-days, you can either be a bitch about them or be really good about it which Larissa was.

Hence it's a positive.

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sounds like this guy gave the poor WG a hard time
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