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Author Topic: Busty Demi - Coventry  (Read 4280 times)

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Not currently active, but she is back every month or so.
Works out of the flats near bus station, very safe and secure etc.

I have had my eye on Demi for a while but have always been put off.  Whilst she has good reviews, I prefer my punts to be with younger petite girls - The reviews of Demi seemed to suggest a little over the hill, and her pics suggest a size 12 ish girl.

I was happily surprised when she opened the door.  I had asked for minimal make up, casual wear and she opened the door and looked late 20's fresh faced and very attractive.  Cute even !

Body, probably a slim tall size 10.  Enormous tits, a tiny bit droopy if you looked really hard but I would say the best pair of natural breasts in Coventry.  Big saucer nips would suggest she has had a child, however no stretchmarks on stomach.

BJ was covered (at my request), kissing was deep and wet, sex was energetic with lots of verbal encouragement from her.

I actually can't think of a single negative.  She is older than I prefer but her body and good playful attitude make up for it.  I will probably return.

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Riyjay13

I saw Demi myself about 4 weeks ago. I've seen her before but this time was the best ever. Great DFK, good covered oral and outstanding sex. She may well have had a child but she's got an extremely tight cunt and she gives plenty of kissing while you're fucking hard.

Excellent. Will definitely go back.

Offline ScouserRod

Have seen Demi a couple of times-good safe flat with parking,
An attractive and chatty woman with a great pair of tits and gives an excellent GFE at a good price :)
Floats between Cov and Czechoslovakia on a regular basis-currently away unfortunately !!

Offline velocity

I wish she comes back quickly, was hearing her name quite some time, let me see her, any way does she do massage
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Offline saf1976

Hi Velocity

Welcome to the forum.

Have you seen any girls who don't work at the flat on Lower Ford Street that you could recommend or are at least interested in?

You've only made 2 posts and both relate to Alexa and Demi who happen to work there. Your English is almost as bad as mine  :P

I'm just joining dots and happy to be proved wrong of course.

p.s. I am a big fan of the girls in this flat so don't hate on me next time I book one
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Offline fundude09

Demi is definitely vfm. I saw her a good few times when I was living in the midlands.
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Offline Ramrod

I wish she comes back quickly, was hearing her name quite some time, let me see her, any way does she do massage

Think she back her AW shows she has logged in today and her contact number is displayed  :D

I spotted that. Very tempted to return due to the lack of coventry talent at the mo

Offline pp2013

hi , at the flat do you get a choice of girls or do you have to pick on in advance ?

Offline saf1976

hi , at the flat do you get a choice of girls or do you have to pick on in advance ?

Choose in advance.

The girls act as indies, you contact them, turn up, they greet you etc.

The flat is well known to punters as it's been going for a number of years. A lot of girls only last 1 or 2 trips but think Demi has been there since the start.

When they have a new girl turn up I kind of have a feel for if she is one of theirs, so text to find the location.

This is the other girl who is at the flat at the moment.


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Offline Riyjay13

Had a fabulous punt yesterday with Busty Demi. I've seen her many times before but I thought I'd pop in a quick comment as she deserves all the positive reports she gets.

There's been a bit of speculation from previous punters about her true age. I'd say she was 32ish. Lovely figure, long legs, great tits, lovely tight cunt, lovely personality, great dFK, great tit wank, wonderful balls-stroking and licking skills.

Honestly, what's not to like?

Coventry is something of a wasteland these days, but Demi is always exceptional.

Offline jackgold

I can only back up the positive comments here. I saw Demi for the first time this week after having her on my hot list for a very long time and it was a great experience.

It was one of those occasions where the reality was actually better than the photos. I'd hesitated before due to some of the comments on previous threads but wish I'd seen her sooner. I will definitely return.

Offline Talbear

Profile now gone.... Guess she's gone home for a while

Offline Riyjay13

She'll be back. She always does. Mind you, in her absence you could do a lot worse than try one of the other Czech girls in the Lower Ford Street set up. They're all usually top draw.

As I was smoothly gliding in and out of Demi's (surprisingly tight) cunt on Saturday, I could hear the sound of creaking beds next door as some old boy tried to give himself a cardio pounding away on Lovely Brigita. From the shrill noises emanating, I'm pretty certain he was ramming her up her arse. He sounded pretty happy as I heard him cream his nut.

Definitely worth a look.

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