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Author Topic: Jenifer viip - Coventry  (Read 2211 times)

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Following a recommendation from Saf, I booked this one:


Booking was a last minute, 10 minute notice, but as this was midday, she was free.
Location was a well known Coventry hotel, near the bus station.
Romanian girl, said she lived in Spain, speaks Spanish so a possibility.  Leaves next week, returns a month later.

Her AW profile has all the signs of a scam, exotic stripper type pics, private gallery, badly written etc so without Saf's recommendation I wouldn't have booked.  Thank god I did.

Her pics are accurate, however she is smaller and better looking than the pics.  From our chat post shooting my load, she claims to have recently lost weight from 60kg down to 50kg and I would say thats accurate.  Thank god none of that weightloss has come from her tits which are fantastic.

So, at 5ft3 ish, 50kg and D cup tits, I could have happily just stood there and wanked, and walked away a happy man.

Oral was covered, sex was good, variety of positions offered by her, no promoting which was good.

A few slight negatives:

- Everything was very functional and to the point.  Within 1 minute of paying up, her clothes were off and she was stripping me off.  Johnny was on within 3-4 minutes.  Good job she was hot and I didnt need any warming up.
- She has 3 mobiles that were buzzing and beeping away throughout the whole meeting, she ignored them but still off putting.
- Afterwards whilst I was cleaning up in the bathroom, I came back to her smoking a fag on the bed.  Whist I occasionally very smoke, so do not care about the smell.  I do not want to go home stinking of some foreign brand of cigarette and have the missus wondering where its come from.  If shed have waited 5 minutes id have been gone.

Overall, a very attractive girl.  Cracking body, exactly my body type.  Good performance, just slightly ruined by a few negative points.  Yes, I would return, but only if I couldn't find any new treats to satisfy me.

3 review(s) found for JENIFER PASSION linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline saf1976

Agree with that Freddy.

Overall a positive. Great looking girl with a fantastic body. While a nice pleasant girl with a nice smile, the 3 phone thing is probably part of where it all falls down from being a great punt. Looking back she took her clothes off whilst texting. Had she not been such a looker, she wouldn't have got away with it.

As I said in the Coventry thread, there's a hint of EE porn star about her, kinda like some Jennifer Stone, Monica Sweetheart hybrid.

I didn't notice the weight loss and 10kg is a stone and a half, wow!

I really like the look of this one, dud you see her in a hotel too SAF?

The address she has given me for incalls doesn't look the most welcoming of places unfortunately

I saw her in a hotel but wouldn't mind seeing her again depending where she is. Will pm you for address and can advise on its grottyness

I spoke with her, got the address. It's not an area I would be happy punting in. Such a shame. Oh well I fucked Demi instead. Best £50 I've spent this week.

Offline saf1976

Can you PM me the location please. I've seen another girl on AW who looks to be working from the same house

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