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Author Topic: Anyone been with "Beautiful Blonde"?  (Read 879 times)


Has anyone been with this one? The girl is stunning in the main profile pic but I get the feeling its either very old photo or not her at all. She's been on AW for so long which makes me think no reviews here means she's a no go.

I've still to get round to seeing naughty eva who looks like she'd be a delight to fuck but I'm torn if beautiful blonde is actually the one in pics and a good ride. Like a wean in a sweety shop.

Offline JazzMan

Had to laugh when I seen that photo and the location "Glasgow East End"
There's a girl called Jessie on ukadultzone that uses that photo.
May still be her but looks like an old photo.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Thanks JazzMan

Yeah I know, I have my reservations but my cock can't stop thinking about her. Same phone number, profile since last year on both.................
I know I shouldn't... but ...

Suppose could give her a bell to sound her out...

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