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Author Topic: Paisley/Glasgow filth  (Read 952 times)

Offline MrMontana

Treating myself to a punt this weekend, anyone recommend a WG where pretty much anything goes? Not bothered about how pretty they are etc, just want pure filth (No shitting/pain) but water sports, fisting etc. I've turned up to meets before and the girls are nowhere near as kinky as their profile makes out so want to avoid that situation.

Offline rogue5

I dont recommend Paisley at all mate, when there were local girls working there, there was one or two who were great, but they have now retired and the only escorts you ever see on AW are either fake, or watched by the police. Its such a small town, that the council feel the police have no excuses and have been forcing them to come down hard on escorts for the last couple of years, to the point that theres basically none.

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