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Author Topic: LILLYVUITTON  (Read 2070 times)

Offline Clooney

No, but she looks absolutely filthy and I was considering slumming it with we a while back.

Let me know if you see her!

Offline Jerboa

She looks like a slut, go for it!  ;)

Offline PumpAction

Anyone have any info? I'm thinking of seeing her next.

Maybe if she didn't have the dreads! Suprised she isn't reviewed as she has a fairly extensive profile

Offline Clooney

There is something so utterly flithy looking about her, that I'd just love to plaster her face with thick, pearly spunk.

I could just imagine her defiantly staring back at you as she caught it all over her nose, chin, mouth, tongue...

Fuck it, it's only £100 per hour. At some stage I'm gonna have to...

Offline Clooney

Well, have a look at her pictures, her blurb and tell me if you think she's the shy and retiring type.

As most know on here, I treat my regulars with the utmost respect. I have the highest I regard for them as women and as friends in some cases, but I like them because they are lovely girls, great fun, bright and can still be utterly filthy little madams.

Just because I fuck them and do all sorts of simply depraved stuff with them doesn't mean I don't totally respect them. I choose my girls carefully. They have to be just the right combination of beautiful and charming, and utter smut. We are both as perverted as each other.

I especially treat my submissive girls like princesses (as is the whole Dom/sub dynamic)

But sometimes you just want a relatively good value girl who you just know isn't going to jump out of the way when the spunk goes flying, and I think this girl is just that type.

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