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Author Topic: Can anyone recommend a black woman in east of england  (Read 961 times)

Hi all,

 I'd like to tick making sweet sweet love to a hot black woman off my bucket list as I never have - can anyone recommend anyone in east of england? The services on offer don't need to be anything other than general 'vanilla'.

Offline Barri 46

Call Miassx in Saxmundham she's had negative post's on this site
But I assure you she's first class great service only one of a few black British girls listed on AW.

Offline Pogo

Alitah Peterborough. No OWO but stunning figure and great attitude. nice flat.
A pretty black girl in her 30s from Northampton on AW who changes her handle frequently for some reason. Hotels.
Roseabella off AW tours regularly. Also hotels.

Offline Pogo

Phine Body in K Lynn looks like my cup of tea too but did not respond to an email last week. Read it though!
I shall have to try a different approach...

Offline happyharry

You're going to struggle to find much choice

My only advice is avoid Roxy/Brandy/or whatever she calls herself today in Bury St Edmunds

What I'm saying is that if you see a black girl advertising in Bury then it's likely to be her.

Very perfunctory service - not recommended

Offline Darkone2

I find this lady entertaining. Tours Cambridge from time to time.


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Offline Neal69

Saw this one in Witham a while ago but has now moved to Dagenham.


Highly recommended I even did a Review of her on here but don't know how to link it.
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Offline Neal69

Ah I see it has linked automatically.

Nice one Admin  :drinks:

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