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Author Topic: MollySwedish of Adultwork  (Read 2014 times)

25 review(s) for MollySwedish (25 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Philbiao1

https://www.adultwork.com/2542906 or https://www.adultwork.com/MollySwedish

I missed Molly when she was last in town and I've been kicking myself since reading Parisno's review and others since then. When I learnt that she was back I made sure I couldvescape from work early to see her.

Comms via Awork were great, she came across as pleasant and friendly, so I made an appointment which was confirmed via text this morning. In the meanwhile I found some great pics of her on a site and sent a cheeky text asking if she could wear a sexy schoolgirl outfit if available (http://www.northernbabes.co.uk/viewgirl.htm?eid=382).

I wandered over to the venue, gave her a bell and she sent me a text with instructions on what to do next. Don't be alarmed its for reasons of discretion. Unfortunately, some of the lights in the corridor wasn't working so I was plunged into darkness on getting out of the lift. By mobile phone light I found her apartment and she let me in.

When I turned round my jaw just dropped. I realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but she girl was gorgeous. Particularly as she was indeed wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit complete with tie, white stockings with bows, and her hair loosely tied to the side. Stunning.

Paperwork out of the way we sat on the bed chatting, I was nervous, weirdly I get a bit like this with girls I think I think are just drop dead gorgeous. Anyway, we started kissing, and MAN does she like to kiss. Tongue probing, lips sucking and licking my lips, all to the tune of some pleasant girlish moans.

Slipping a finger up her we continued kissing before she kissed her way down my body and took me into her mouth. The sight of this girl going to town on my member was incredible. Plenty of long slow sucks with soft tongue action, it was heaven. If you like your oral a bit more raunchy then book Keeva or Amelia, Molly's blowjobs are more sensual rather than PSE.

Off with her top I sucked on her pert little breasts before more oral on me and off with her skirt for a extended bout of 69. She tasted lovely and responded to light fingering of both holes.

Molly's oral skills are great, in fact the entire session was oral, handjobs, and French kissing, I hadn't planned on that, but, sadly, that bastard Mr Floppy made an appearance once the condom was produced. Molly was very nice about it and was happy to continue oral which included some deepthroat face fucking with her lying on the bed on her front and on her back.

Eventually things came to an end when I emptied myself into her mouth. She quickly hoped to the bathroom to spit before coming back for hugs and a chat.

When my time was up she didn't chase me out, she let me get ready at my own pace and was still full of stories to tell made all the more better by that sexy accent of hers.

Despite my shortcomings it was a great experience and I'll happily see her again if she returns.

25 review(s) found for MollySwedish linked to in above post (25 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I saw her a few months back and I agree she is a brilliant punt. I hadn't realised she was back in Newcy and won't get a chance to see her  :(  If anyone else has the opportunity I would strongly recommend.

Just back from a delightful session with the lovely Molly myself. One of my favourite girls, pity she is not local  :cool:

Offline Philbiao1

Gah. Just read back my review and noticed all my typos. That'll teach me to type on an iPhone.

I take it your appointment was as good as last time Parisno?

Offline johnny34

Thanks for the review.

Based on this & the review by Parisno i'm booked in for tomorrow.

Gah. Just read back my review and noticed all my typos. That'll teach me to type on an iPhone.

I take it your appointment was as good as last time Parisno?

Yep, I really like this girl, hope she gets enough bookings to justify her coming back again.

Offline Philbiao1

Yep, I really like this girl, hope she gets enough bookings to justify her coming back again.

Yeah she did say that she was busy on that Thursday and at time of speaking to her she had nowt on the Friday. She did intimate that if there wasn't the bookings she may not see fit to return.

Offline johnny34

Saw Molly today as arranged & have to concur with Philbiao & Parisno's reviews.

Really attractive young girl with very responsive nipples :yahoo:

She seems to enjoy Newcastle so hopefully we'll see her again soon.

Offline Bengeo13

Fanatical followers of my antics in the North East punting scene will know that recently I have been disappointed with my attempts to fix up a simple GFE booking locally, so it's ironic that I managed to get well and truly sorted with a touring girl. I managed to catch up with Molly yesterday and concur with all the positives already mentioned.

Molly tells me Newcastle has been good for her and she will definitely be back, I for one can't wait.

Offline dino1990

This girl is Unbelievable. Managed to get a last minute booking with her on Friday due to a cancellation. Great communions which started one of my favourite punts in a long time.


Stunning is the only way to describe. Great skin, perfect smile, cute small tits. Her ass has a generous curve and is great to grab onto. oh and she was in a school uniform as requested :) Great legs and sexy flat tummy as well.


Bit shy but up for a chat and very open about her line of work. Enjoyed chatting to her before and after the main event.


DFK. Not just DFK but true and genuine DFK. OWO provided with a passion. Sex in a load of positions, doggy, her on top. A highlight was the coach in the bedroom and I suggested we played on there, She walked over and started playing with her self while I walked over. Then proceeded missionary at a perfect position. CIM which she spitted out in the nearby by toilet.

I could bang on and on about this girl but she really is perfect. Looks 10/10, service 10/10. Conclusion 10/10. Don't book if you want a PSE (Rosina for that), book her if you want to book a true GFE.

Offline dino1990

Flat was great as well, not a skanky unfurnished Diamonds 'boudoir'

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