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Author Topic: Wimbledon - Massage with HE - Eve Moon - over the moon!  (Read 8510 times)

12 review(s) for EVE MOON (8 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Quesadilla

When: 15/10 22:30
Type of booking: Last minute booty call! Incall for massage and HE
Fee: £130 - £100 for 1 hour plus £30 for filming
Location: Wimbledon centre
Travel: Easy 5 min walk from Wimbledon station. Limited pay-and-display parking on her road itself. Note that her road is one-way, the parking is past her house at the end heading towards Wimbledon Station - you can't drive down it from that direction, you have to come in the next street over.  There are about 6 pay and display spots on her street and 4 or 5 on the next street over.  You can also park in Wimbledon Bridge Car Park at the end of the road (2 mins walk or less) or Hatfield Road car park (<10 mins walk).
Venue: Residential terraced house - quiet and discreet side road. Multiple WG's operate at the venue here and there is a shared bathroom rather than ensuite. Room decked out with full massage table as well as large bed.

Eve Moon: Hungarian lady with (by her own admission) poor English but great hands! 
https://www.adultwork.com/2010827 or https://www.adultwork.com/EVE+MOON
Looks like the pics. As others have said they are out of date but not terribly so. She is older, has put on just a little bit of weight but I would not describe her as overweight, just not a stick insect. Curvy, slim waist, small but oh so kissable perky boobs, great peachy butt, fit legs.  She is not quite as pretty as her pictures but I caught her at the end of her shift with little/no make up and was still not at all disappointed. If you think you might like her from her profile I would say in person she does not disappoint.

GFE - sensual and erotic - no conversation but didn't really need it.
FK (light)
RO / 69 - Clean, sweet pussy very responsive, got wet and tangy, then came on my face. Lovely.
Hand Relief / OWO / CIM - Wow!
Massage - remarkably, one of the best massages I have ever had!

Nice sensual GFE with a sexy lady.
Eve has genuine top skills both as a masseur and a cock jockey.
Fantastic value for money.

Not quite as pretty as her pictures, but then again who is? I was NOT disappointed.
Not the passionate intimate GFE with a slutty twist that I really love, but again this was different and I was not disappointed.

Venue shared with multiple WG's but without ensuite facilities - didn't prove an issue but don't really want to run into another punter!

Visit again / Recommend?
Absolutely. She is 15 mins drive away, has great hands, I'd consider seeing her for a regular massage but throw in the incredible cock sucking and it's a must for me. Surprisingly did not get around to actual sex - which was of course fully on offer - that's how good her other skills were, and I will definitely re-visit and update the review once I see how she performs. :)

Boring details
I was horny as hell thinking about my meeting with Kate / New Polish Girl on Monday (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=40066.0) so I fancied a repeat. Sadly Kate was busy. I had Eve in my list for a while as she's only 15 mins away and looked to be great value and solid feedback on AW.  She states she works 11-11 so I was pleased to be able to get an appointment.  Originally we said 10 but then it got pushed back to 10.30 but not a problem.

Eve made it clear that her English is not great, so I just briefly explained that I wanted to start with a GFE and see where we go.  Sensual kissing ensued and she ground herself into me very nicely. She is petite and shapely and very responsive.  We moved to the bed to my favourite position - 69 and her OWO was excellent and inspired me to really get into licking and sucking her pussy. She was obviously enjoying this as much as I was and little tremors turned into her eventually cumming quite hard which was very nice. She climbed off, legs shaky and then moved to just giving me head with a hand job.

Frankly I have not experienced anything quite like this - less like a GFE OWO / HJ more like a cock-worship session. She has some real skills for sure, and I had a great view of her sliding her tongue the length of my shaft, alternating pressure with mouth / hands etc. She really got me rock hard and aching in no time and knew exactly what to do to bring me off. This is frankly surprising for me as I really struggle to cum sometimes so I was quite happy to go with it as it felt fucking awesome. I came in her mouth and she went to spit in the bathroom while offering me wet wipes.

Now for me I have never been able to rise to the occasion twice - I figured having shot my load that was it for me but it was sooo nice I was happy enough with that so I asked her if I could try her massage skills.  We stayed on the bed and she went to work.  OMFG - it was a really top rate massage. Eve has great hands.  I have had lots of ridiculously expensive "luxury spa" type massages in top hotels around the world which were ok - some better than others.  This year as I was training for some endurance events I took advice and saw a sports specialist masseuse £55 ph and completely non-sexual obviously) who was at a whole different level - it was clear she could "feel" the areas of tightness and knew exactly where and how to focus. Now I am not saying Eve was quite that good but I was still a bit tight from a recent weight training session and Eve managed to work some of those knots out nicely.  And my regular masseur doesn't suck cock. :)

As she worked my back she was occasionally rubbing flesh and I got hard again. I wasn't sure if we'd coax enough out of me for sex so suggested more OWO.  Within a minute I was absolutely rock hard again and I lay there torn between "OMG this is sooo nice don't stop" and "I really want to fuck you".  I got a "reach around" to her pussy from the side and she was very wet so I fingered her as she sucked my cock again and she redoubled her efforts.  That was just too damned nice to stop so I just let her carry on.  No I did not pop for a second time - never have in 1 hour and at my age doubt I ever will - but I came as close as I ever have and had a brilliant time.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Had a little chat with Eve afterwards despite the poor English - she seems really nice, is here saving up money for laser eye surgery and will be in the UK til end of this month, then back in Nov sometime before going home for Christmas through Jan.  So if you want a great massage with a really happy ending - or just a really nice GFE - I would say you can't go far wrong with Eve.  I for one was over the Moon.  ;)
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

12 review(s) found for EVE MOON linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Quesadilla

Had a second meet with Eve tonight as I noticed she's back in town.
Booked 2 hrs this time as she's such good value and wanted to give her massage skills the full evaluation - basically 60 mins GFE / 60 mins massage.

Eve still looks great, and the GFE was as good as last time - the same caveats - kissing light rather than DFK, not quite the intimate GFE I usually go for, but she's fit and willing. 

I know from last time she enjoys oral so started with DATY until she came, really just as a thank you for her amazing oral last time.  She then returned the favour and in no time at all I was on the edge of cumming.  This time I managed to drag myself away from her amazing OWO talents to insist we have sex. Cowgirl, doggie and mish were all good, but again not intimate/passionate the way I usually like.  Not a lot of eye contact, light kissing etc, but still had the desired effect and I came in mish.  All in all a pretty satisfying punt.

Then went for a full massage to wind down - as stated last time it's clear Eve is a genuinely trained / talented masseuse and I totally lost myself in her touch. One of the better massages I've ever had.

As before the language barrier is there but not really a major issue. 

Will definitely go back again. She is definitely my best local option, the sex is more than good enough but throw in the world class cock-worship and great massage skills at a great price and it's a complete no-brainer.

Next time will maybe go for 30min GFE/sex to cum, 60 min massage, 30 mins cock-worship to see if I can tease a second pop. Always good to have a challenge / goal!  :lol:
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

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