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Author Topic: tirra..sweet  (Read 437 times)

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Offline Bobdayley

https://www.adultwork.com/2652705 or https://www.adultwork.com/tirra%2E%2Esweet

She is not verified so her profile might be removed in the future, I will put her picture so you can remember her.

I went to see this Romanian (once I was talking to her on the phone she told me she was from Moldova) at Traveldge in Crickelwood London. The girl is different from the picture, even uglier than the picture.

After extensive texting and stressing about the services I like, we agreed at last.When I went the hotel. it was after 11 night, it was pissing luckily i took the car.
Tierra came downstairs to ope the door for me, we took the lift to the 4th floor. While on the lift I reminded her again about the services we agreed and that I am not looking for a girlfriend but to have fun.

I was shocked as soon as the lift arrived to the 4th floor when she told me that I was talking to the agency on the phone not to her personally, and the agency haven't told her anything about any special services.

Then i took the decision to leave i pressed the button to call the lift then Tirra blocked me from entering the lift and she was begging me to stay, she said I will do everything Anal etc...... I am not having any of these I had enough. After pushing back and forth I managed to get into the lift and pressed the ground floor, left the building as quick as i came in. It was a relief for me.

I decieded to give Tirra a negative because it was a different girl than the picture, I wasted my time, her agency lied to me on the phone.    :wackogirl:

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Good that you walked as I do not think it was the agency - I fund it difficult to see an agency doing AW girls at £80 ph? - by the time they get their cut there would be nothing left for the girl? Usually Agencies girls start +£120-£150 ph as a min Not £80

there is an agency putting up a.w. profiles with £80/h as the rate, suggesting the wgs are independents. I will write more on it, but there is a problematic issue as anyone who registers here can read all of the forum. I found the info out yesterday and have been trying to figure out how to post the info to punters here without causing an issue. The wgs are working freely for the agency for a cut of the rate, and they think its how it works here. they dont do the profile, and dont know where the profile is or what it says. they dont handle the phone or know the number even.  I saw a wg and I led the conversation to the agency topic and found these things out. I explained it is not how they all work and that there are sites where wgs work independently, contrary to what the wgs at the agency were told.

But it seems that those agency pimps found hotel as secure place for business perhaps they're getting a cheap deal in hotel.

But it seems that those agency pimps found hotel as secure place for business perhaps they're getting a cheap deal in hotel.

most of the wgs for this agency type arent in hotels.

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