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Author Topic: Best WG you've seen in Glasgow?  (Read 7652 times)

Offline ich will

She certainly had short hair, however, if I am sure that her boobs were smaller.

She got a boob job.
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Offline Alexix

Kate (aka Undress me now or EROTIC MASSAGE 4u),

Offline max.themasseur

maybe not theeeeeee best WG i have seen but deffo the best "regular one".

Anne way back in the days of the streetwalkers - around the mid 90's (not her age arf arf).  she wasn't the usual wee ned/junkie/drunk that roamed the streets in those days.  she was no stunner, but presentable n always clean and tidy - never all dolled up or anything, denims n trainers brigade -  just an honest to goodness lass that needed a few quid and gave a great service in return.

always done whatever ya had paid for and done it well, unlike a lot of the chancers that would take money for a BJ then give ya some half asssed wank with very little oral as a lot of them did back then.  at least Ann done what it said on the tin and was a good wee ride too

used to take to a flat over anniesland/knightswood area.

punted with her regularly for a good while then she disappeared off the market, we could be doing with more of her type nowadays rather than the overpriced ones we have just now that hardly do a service  :music:

BTW anybody remember the "mad wee asian" that used to wander about wearing very little and talkign to herself with it all hanging out, did anyone actually ever punt her  :vomit:
The wee mad Asian as you describe her had a very bad speech impediment but  once that communication barrier was over come and with a rudimentary knowledge of Urdu she would let you do ANYTHING with her for  tenner I always slipped an extra tenner to her without her knowing so that when she found it she might decide to head home early........ There was never any need to remove knickers or bra she never wore any.Great tits good shag always could be found top end of Bothwell St (motorway end)
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Offline mavgoose

Just the near 2 years it took you to bump this post.

Fck off max thesaurus

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