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Author Topic: Love to play2 - any one experienced?  (Read 739 times)

Offline westbank



Anyone had any experience? I'm thinking of booking, but wary as I know these photos have been up before. Done the usual image check (which brought up no results), but is she worth a piunt either tonight/Tuesday ?

Offline blue80

Does bareback !!

Also her maths are out - 1 hour for £70 or 2 hours for £150 .....

Will be giving that 1 a wide birth

Offline vision2014

EE girl worked in parlour but had dark hair at time

Offline westbank

Cheers for the input guys!

Giving this one a wide birth (should learn to trust my punting alarm). Now if only i could find a lacey turner lookalike in the area... :)

Offline vision2014

It just shows how this site works really iam sure they read this and know they have been caught out problem is profile gone today but tomorrow will be a new profile with a pic of her arse and no face pics or better still the next girl on the list
Still saved your money in your pocket another day
Iam not that fond of parlours but its worth going ever month and doing the rounds I usually go to 4 or 5 parlours same day walk in look at the girls make my excuses and leave so I get a good look at  faces etc lots of the ee girls I see in them are on AW some which do answer the phone tell you to come to the parlour anyway
Ive seen a couple of indeendant English girls working in the cheap parlours too 

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