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Author Topic: When she looks to good to be true  (Read 726 times)

Offline Jerboa

So I was just flicking through Londonescortguide for a change, and spotted this profile http://www.londonescortguide.com/london_escorts/Maily.121856.htm photos look hot, so I googled them and the phone number, she is in fact a he! What's the point of a TS advertising as a female? Maybe she's had the chop and is happy to mislead punters.  :dash:


Offline vt

I would be really annoyed if I'd booked thinking she was a natural-born female and turned out to be a TS.

Do TS prossies get a kick out of trying to deceive straight guys into punting them??  :unknown:

There must be a market for them without having to try and dupe straight guys, so it's a good thing the truth is outed on here.

It's a dangerous game they're playing, I could imagine some guys would be more than mildly annoyed at them wasting their time with their reassigned genitalia and might consider reassigning their face!!  :dash:

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