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Author Topic: Laura69X  (Read 1336 times)

Offline Clooney

Hi all.

Anyone seen this lady recently? I'm after a hot, horny, mature brazen slut for a two hour daytime filth-fest at the lady's home, and she seems sufficiently wanton.


or https://www.adultwork.com/LAURA69X

I seem to recal that she has previously been a bit of a mature anal star in the past but her crown has slipped a bit. I don't care about that and she may have put on a little weight from her heyday. I'm after enthusiasm, character, personality and an absolutely filthy time with a true mature slut.

Can anybody recommend?



Offline daverfc

I have seen laura twice. Once was back in 2008 and definitely recommend on that visit alone. Not once in that hour session did I even go in her pussy. It was all oral and anal the way.

Saw her again in 2012. Seemed the same figure, same personality and also same place. Once again a good visit. Her oral I thought was of a good standard. Still like a good pounding in the butt but also tried her pussy out. Still a positive experience.

I'd go back more if her hours suited my availability to be honest.

Offline Clooney


Thanks for that. As it happens other options have risen to the top, but well worth having as an option.

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