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Author Topic: Asian escorts  (Read 1170 times)

Offline mrsaxon

Could any Londoners reccommend a good £150 per hour PSE Asian escort in central London. I am fully aware there are a few agencies and auto-censored has many positive reviews but I would like more information from punters if possible.
Gigi, Emma and Lilly from invasian escorts have all caught my eye.


Thanks MS

Offline tonysoprano

Zizzi, Emma or Patsy should sort you out nicely  ;)

I haven't seen Lilly but if you choose her, i'd be interested to know what she was like.
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Gigi, Emma and Lilly from invasian escorts have all caught my eye...

i cant speak for the other 2 but have seen lilly a few times.

i am a gfe kinda guy but will say that her owo is top notch-
deepthroat, good suction,hands free if you want, ball licking,
cim til the last drop...

physically she is tiny about 4ft 9 or 10 and very
slim(without being anorexic) she probably weighs fuck all.

A-levels are definitely available though i didn't

negatives-not the best kisser and can be on the quiet side,age wise 30's.

but her English is better than most Thai girls.

Offline tonysoprano

Interesting if Lilly isn't a great kisser, I've found most of the Thai girls shove their tongues down my throat as soon I've walked in the door!

Thanks for your feedback though.  :thumbsup:
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Offline mrsaxon

Thanks for the recommendations lads, from experience are the punts very routine like?
I.e bath then pop 1 DT pop 2 doggy anal they dress you and leave?

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