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Author Topic: Sandra! Arnos Grove  (Read 1381 times)

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Offline marco.f

Today I texted something like 10 girls, most of which are either well reviewed here or are in my hotlist, in the range 60-80P/18-25yr not bareback (and not to far from where I live). The only one that texted me back was Sandra!:


She was neither my first choice nor my last one (I also texted her in the past but never she replied me back). I understand from previous reviews/posts that she works with (at least) another girl who she shares the phone with (I also texted her...). I remember she was reviewed with positive here at least twice. I texted here back asking if FK/OWO/CIM was included, she replied me back with "yes, at no extra", I asked again for confirmation "also CIM" she replied me "yes". So we arranged. She lives 5 minutes from Arnos Grove. Everything was organized by texts (when I was at the door, I asked for the flat number). She opened the door. I read in previous review she is not as slim as the photos, but I would say she is not the one in the pictures possibly, or at lest 10kg more. Facially she is OK, but she is not one that I would fancy fucking if I met her in a street. I would say 6 facially 6 body (this is very subjective, of course). She asks me again what services do I want (she confesses she wasn't the one to reply to the texts), and I was starting to worry she would changed her mind by she agreed with FK/CIM, and so I stayed and gave her 70P/30mins.

I will keep it short now:
Started with kissing, me with tongue, she only with lips.
She touched me over my slip (I was 25% hard)
I start licking her ear with tongue deeply.
She undressed me (I was 95% hard).
We go on the bed.
She started OWOing me.
I ask her to 69.
We start 69, I lick both her bum and pussy.
She continue OWOing me.
I put one finger in her ass, expecting her to say "stop" or something like that, but she doesn't.
I then spit on her hole and put two fingers, expecting her to say "stop" (I enter slowly), but she doesn't.
In the end, slowly 3 fingers in the ass, then 1 finger ass/1 pussy  in parallel..
I start spanking her ass, very softly. I'm waiting her to say "stop".
Then I start harder, then I ask her "can I spank you harder?" She replies "I don't mind"
Then I ask her to go on the bed reverse, and start spanking her medium/hard, then hard (like 8/10 of my maximum strenght) and she never complains. I also put 1 finger in the ass, and make her lick. She licks it (but only once, later she does not)
Then I try to spank her a little harder, like 9/10 of my maximum, and she says "ahi!" and so I stop.
Then I ask her for anal (I think if three fingers are OK, my dick maybe is OK too), but she refuses.
So I fuck her with her in the same position (but I'm not spanking her anymore). In the meantime, she puts me a condom on.
I fuck her in that position for 5/10 minutes, licking her ear, telling she is a bitch, with a hand holding tight her neck (but not too hard).
Then I tell her, "drink my cum, bitch."
We exchange positions, I want to see her face so I ask her to stay in front of me, not lateral like in the beginning.
She OWOed me for like 10 minutes, then start masturbating me.
When I'm really near to cum, I ask her to put her mouth over my dick and explode inside her mouth (not a drop outside).
Total time: 20 minute

She had a shower before.
Nice big ass (even if I like a little bit softer/smaller)
Never complain.
Spank her very hard, and I mean hard (her ass was red).
Three fingers in the ass.
Never complain when she OWOs me and I don't cum (like 10 minutes).
CIM without a drop outside.
Nice personality.

OWO not deep, only the top and with little saliva (but she sometimes spits on it, which I like).
She is not the one in the picture, or maybe 5 years ago and especially 10kg less
Stayed 20 minutes of real "actions" (she had a shower before and after). But I could have stayed 30 mins of action, she did not force me.
Not proper kissing, I would not call it FK (let alone DFK).
English so/so (but me neither is English level A).

None really.

Verdict: 6.5/10 (mostly because she is not exactly my type). Probably some of you would have given her a more higher rate: I start thinking that may tastes are very different from most of you (see my review with Martina Love, who 99% of the people reviewed her well, I gave her a neutral, but to me it was a negative one).

Will I go back? Yes for services, no for the girl (unfortunately, I like more like very young Romanian/skinny girls, which are usually those that end up being the less trustworthy,...). She is like a "bad" version of Cameron Diaz.
Would I recommend her? Yes.

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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