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Author Topic: Lianasexy - Canary Wharf  (Read 1755 times)

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Offline Packer

I met Lianasexy back in July, but have been totally crap at putting up reviews lately.

At the time, Liana worked 1 day of the week in Canary Wharf, while on other days she's in Paddington.

This won't be a review anyway near as detailed as Jason's review of her, but hopefully I'll cover the most saliant points.

I called Liana and we arranged without any issues a time an hour or so later. Her place was in a modern group of apartment blocks not far from the Hilton Hotel, about 3-4 mins from there. Its a intercom entrance from memory, but they let me in pretty quickly. Its discreet anyway, into a large square and then another intercom into her block.

Once in the door, it was a different girl - who looked damn sexy - that escorted me to the room.  It appeared to be the room that I'd be using for my dirty deeds, with a large bed and ensuite shower. She told me Liana was finishing with another client, was I happy to wait 5-10 mins.  A little annoyed at that, I nevertheless agreed. She suggested I shower, and got me a towel.  This girl it turns out also works with Liana - had Liana been much later, I would probably have gone for her - she looked really sexy to me.
After the shower, which was very nice - high water pressure from memory - I had to wait another 5 or so minutes. 
Liana appeared.  WOW. What a stunner.  Much better than her pics. I think her verification picture is her best one, and she looks even better in real life.  Slim but curvy, stunning round face and amazing body.  We talked on services and I said I needed OWO.  She told me that was £20 extra which I handed over.  That made it £140 for the hour...this had better be good.

Liana popped out and reappeared shortly after.  I sat on the edge of the bed, and she came and stood in front of me.  She took off her top and revealed a pair of wonderful shapely breasts with lovely light coloured large nipples.  Very nice indeed, and I enjoyed getting my tongue on them, but was told to be gentle.

I don't recall any mutual kissing during the intial foreplay, but I kissed her upper body all over before asking her to lay down so I could give her some RO.  She was clean and enjoyed my tongue judging by the body movements, but she was a little quiet.
I asked her to give me some OWO shortly after.   This was not great.  All a little perfunctory and limited use of tongue.  I was a little concerned that, despite her looks, the poor OWO would make the little man flacid. So after she stopped, I went for her tits again, and rubbed her downstairs.  This time she seemed to make a few more appreciative sounds.
Got her into the usual missionary position, which I tend to fuck in most, and pumped away.  This time I lasted a little longer than usual.  What a sight.  An absolute stunner with these lovely large breasts getting nailed by my member.
She cleaned me up and we had a chat.  Now she did open up a little more thankfully, and I got to realise that she's a lovely personable girl, with a good brain. 
After 10 mins or so, I got her to give me a massage and HJ to try to get me ready for a round 2.  Sadly it was not to be, as the little man didn't want to cooperate.
We spoke a little more, and I got dressed and left. It had been just under an hour since I walked in, so considering that I started 10-15 mins late, I'd not had a full hour with Liana. 

This could have been a neutral, but its a positive as Liana is exceptionally good looking, did try hard for my second pop, and was great to talk to.  I reckon she's one of those girls who gets better as she gets to know you after a few punts...I'm tempted to go again, but would absolutely expect my stated hypothesis to materialise.

I see that she's now £140 for the hour, but it doesn't say if OWO is included in that. I hope it is as if its an extra £20 on top, then I'm out.


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Offline Packer

Yes that looks like her. She's quite tall. Duo possibility I guess

Offline Jay72

Was considering a duo with her friend but there are hints of not so great service here in my view so not too sure... They do look hot though

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