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Author Topic: Club Selecta Torremolinos  (Read 1693 times)

Recently took a business trip to Malaga and had heard of Club Selecta.
A taxi took me to a private gate with a very well looked after and inviting entrance, there is buzzer entry and once inside the guy in n reception is very straight forward with what is on offer in the club.
Entry fee was €25.
There are and abundance of girls inside, for all tastes.
The drinks aren't cheep, €20-€40 per drink (you do get 2 free drinks with you entry fee though).
2 sexy girls latched onto me, a really busty Spanish girl and a very athletic black girl. I bought them a drink each and got a tour.
All the private rooms are large, well decorated, fitted with a whirlpool bath, mirrored ceiling and walls, and a sex stand in the corner.
Downstairs there are hot tubs and a swimming pool.
The price for the room and 1 hour with a girl is €170 and €210 if you want the pool/tub with a girl.
My price was €350 as I chose both girls.
It looks pricey, but if you consider that over here you'll pay in excess of £120 for and hour it's not really too bad.
As for the services, I got everything I wanted and more.
Well worth it lads.

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Cheers for the info on the pricing , but yes £350 (entry+girls' drinks+fee) does sound like an expensive duo punt.

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As I found further up the coast. There is VFM in terms of getting what you want.
You cannot compare coastal Spain with the back streets of Sheffield.
Horses for courses.

Cheers for the info on the pricing , but yes £350 (entry+girls' drinks+fee) does sound like an expensive duo punt.

That's €350 which equates to about £285.
You'll pay minimum of £120 per girl per hour over here which is £240.
You get a fantastic time, use of hot tub, pool, sauna, a fantastic room and a top choice of girls.
Well worth it in my eye.

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