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Author Topic: Betty Play  (Read 904 times)

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Offline BigBandy

I managed to slip away from work early today so I opted for Betty Play, good photo's and an English girl for a change.

Comms was iffy from the start and I still went with it and I got there at the time and I messaged her I was here and asked  which flat number and she rang and told me 2, this was definately not an English girl, then she messaged me and I was told to wait 15 minutes while she was in the shower.

Eventually I went in and she was bone dry no way had she been in the shower. The hallway was dark and she pointed into the same bedroom I had been in with Alyssa Sweet a few days back. She then said hello and I said you're definately not the girl in the profile and you're not English she just smiled as if to say "so what". I told her she was nothing like the girl and I told her no danger was I paying £60 to fuck her and she rolled her eyes as of to say another one bolting ? So I walked out and left.

This girl is not English I would say she was an EE with a dark dirty looking skin

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Offline the fitter

Good the more punters that are strong enough to walk, when this happens the better. I myself have not reviewed when this has happened  but I will from now on. Although I am a bit more careful these days, and try to sidestep EEs.

Profile is away......that's the power of uKP lol

Offline BigBandy

Good I bet someone else had done the same

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