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Author Topic: Mid Wales?M  (Read 919 times)

Offline mogs

First post and pretty new to all this, but looking for something in mid wales, near Machynlleth as possible.

Offline JT100

You'll be lucky...I live in mid Wales and it's dismal, have to travel to Shrewsbury or Telford and that's almost as bad. There's sometimes a few wg's on A/W from Ceridigion area, or north Wales, also a couple seem to have popped up in Newtown. Don't think there's anyone near Mach. but do let me know if you find anything.

The last female I shagged in mid wales turned around after and muttered these words Bahhh  :yahoo:

Offline Jnorth88

Anyone had the pleasure of meeting essex slut in Newtown?

Offline baldick

Hi,anybody have any info or experience of cwtchtimes in newtown?

Offline aardvark

Is cwtchtimes a general occurrence, or a specific provider? If you are asking about a specific provider, then you need to post an AW or other link, so that we know who you are talking about. If you want advice, you need to make it easy for people to help you!

Offline Corus Boy

Out there they go Bog Snorkling rather than Muff Diving  :cool:

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