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Author Topic: glasgowsamanta2  (Read 1897 times)


Any mature fans had the pleasure of Samanta, looking to book today and would appreciate some feedback folks...

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I'm a boob lover and I've seen her a couple of times for a 15mins quickie.

Flat is nice and safe.....Sam exactly as in pics and offer a very enthusiastic service and on the 15mins is great value for money......

Oh and her oily tit wank is amazing... :yahoo:

Offline Reiver

Is she near queens street station as I'm meting someone near there soon and could nip away for a quickie .

Sorry not on here from my phone so only when I get home...

She is over at the east end of Glasgow.

Offline Smegma

I had the pleasure this afternoon.

50 quid for 30 mins, wasn't the worst but I've had better.

Cracking big tits, which provide an excellent tit wank.

Extremely limited English, so communication is difficult.

Offline Loki

I've seen her a few times before the new year...

nice tits, limited chat, and happy to get in a shower with me (although I think that was due to limited English, I asked where the shower was! )

but, nice enough for an older punt... and nice tits... did I say that already? lol


Offline Smegma

The conversation with me consisted of her repeating her name.

Nice shaven pussy I gave it a right good poke.

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