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Author Topic: Carolhorny - Italian - some might say positive  (Read 941 times)

2 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2631992) (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


https://www.adultwork.com/2631992 or https://www.adultwork.com/Carolhorny

Kinda thanks to Redkettle for his +pos rep on her but sadly for me -neg

RB at a very competitive price
Good comms
Arrived on time.

approx late 30's
pug nose
gingerish shoulder length hair
I almost think the pics are her daughters as although she had reasonable skin for a 38+ year old, no way as smooth as in pics.
Figure/shape is nice but would have been nice to fk her 20 yrs ago...

As she entered, her kiss was a tongue throat tickler. You might say why's he complaining.. im not a fan of heavy smoker taste, especially when she was forcing her tongue in my mouth - I had to back off.

Very chatty woman and started the action immediately as if she was the one on heat.

OWO was ok, not deep throat as requested/agreed.
A real moaner and claimed she kept coming. There are some girls that get so wet and you can enjoy fucking them when they are dripping with cum but she kept running to the bathroom due to bladder and spoiled a really good fuck session.

About the fifth time of going to the bathroom and having removed her waist band lingerie, the c-section cut and stretch flabby skin was now staring me in the face when her lack luster cowgirl effort in progress. Asked her to reverse cowgirl and again a few mins and off to the bathroom, so this time I just dressed and when she came back, I said, let call this meeting to an end.

Some may love a DFK milf at a low rate but even though her attitude etc was nice and comforting as a visiting WG, she just didnt match my expectation of energy and a good long hard fucking session.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Looks like I dodged a bullet perhaps.

She bid on a reverse booking in the past.

Didn't see her because I got a bad vibe (not really sure how to explain why that was) when we spoke on phone.

I remember thinking she may be Romanian but I can't back that up.

Online RedKettle

really sorry you had a bad time.

I don't know what to say - I really enjoyed my session with her but sounds like a different woman from your experience.

I was planning to see her again, but even I am doubtful now in case she has ash tray breath and is shit! 

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