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Author Topic: Lola - Battersea / Clapham Junction  (Read 1654 times)

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Offline SWLondon

I've just returned from a fantastic half an hour with Lola. 

Tel 07864020606

 I originally did some research in Anita from Adultwork and found that she shared a number with Lola on Viva Street.  I liked the look of both of them so I phoned the number and asked who it was, and she confirmed she was Lola and didn't know who Anita was.  The flat she works from is in rotation, ie the girl spends a few weeks there and moves onto another one.  I'm guessing her 'manager' (ie pimp) fucked up the adverts somewhere.   Anitas link - https://www.adultwork.com/2520098

Lola is Spanish, about 5ft8 in heals (she wore them all the way through the punt), late 30's (I'd guess), tanned, massive soft (but fake) tits, and just built for sex.

I won't go into too much detail of the punt, but it basically was 30 straight minutes of pure porn style sex, tit wanks, blow jobs (covered), pussy licking and fingering leading to fisting (another box ticked!).  Only two sight negatives which may rule some people out, no french kissing and covered oral.  But for me given how much effort and positivity she gave every other area (including fisting!) she is a real bargain and great punt.

Lola is gone tomorrow (off to Glasgow) and won't be back until November.  I'm tempted by another 30mins tomorrow...
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Offline LL

Lola is gone tomorrow (off to Glasgow) and won't be back until November.  I'm tempted by another 30mins tomorrow...
Why? Did you lose your watch when you fisted her?  :lol:
I honestly can't see the appeal of that but obviously you like it as you mentioned it 3 times.  Each to their own.  Looks like a hot girl anyway.

Offline SWLondon

Twice actually, but who's counting  :)  Fortunately I always take my watch off before entering the flat of a prossie!  :D

Personally fisting has always been a bit of a forbidden fruit, something that I'd never be able to do with a partner but has always interested me but not enough to seek out a prossie to do it with and pay another £40 / £50 for!

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