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Author Topic: Fab duo with Hayley XX and Miss Bella in Gosport  (Read 1810 times)

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Offline Quesadilla

Sorry this review is a bit after the fact - I reviewed the meet already on AW under Hayley's profile which I thought was a bit unfair to Bella especially given that the session was at her pad!!  My bad entirely!
So I figured I'd stick this on here as well. Apologies if it's a bit fluffy but it was a lovely afternoon and I still think of it fondly - well, I have the video to remind me and it's still a great session to watch! To counteract the fluffiness I've put the important stuff up front, feel free to ignore the detailed stuff that follows!

Date: Aug 25th
Location: Gosport
Venue: Incall to Miss Bella's discreet private home on a nice new build development
Fee: £500 (I know - sounds a lot but that's £125 ph each which frankly was a bargain)
Booking: Two hour duo with Miss Bella
(https://www.adultwork.com/1443545 / https://www.adultwork.com/Miss%5F%5FBella)
and Hayley X X (https://www.adultwork.com/1651645 / https://www.adultwork.com/Hayley+x+x+)

Comms - Clear all the way.  Very co-operative especially considering Hayley was mid-relocation. 
Personalities: friendly, fun, intelligent, hot, dirty, willing.
Looks: Both stunning with their own natural style, pics don't entirely do them justice.
Services: Genuine duo / GFE delivered with aplomb.

Only down side (for me) is they live a long way from home so it's a bit of a trek. Actually that's probably a good thing otherwise I'd be seeing them every week and would quickly go bankrupt!

Visit again? Definitely would see them both - whether separately or together. 
Recommend: Definitely!

This was a bucket-list item for me - I'd never had a threesome and I knew as soon as I met Hayley last time (and read her "whore buddy" Miss Bella's profile and reviews) that these were the ladies to share that experience with.  I am actually in Surrey by the way, nowhere near either of these ladies who are in Hampshire - so over an hour drive each way -  so that hopefully puts in perspective how keen I was to see them both.
I had told Hayley that once my quarterly bonus came in I would get in touch - but when I checked her profile her blog said she'd just stopped doing incalls as she was moving location!  Only a minor panic as Hayley said Bella was happy for us to use her incall location.  Phew!

The date set, I decided to make it two hours to do justice to the experience and boy was I glad I did!

The venue
In-call to Miss__Bella's discreetly located home on a quiet and very safe residential street.  Actually the street itself is pedestrian access only. 
Note that Bella only does a limited number of in-calls so as not to upset the neighbours so please do be discreet!
The only negative I could find is that it is a brand new road so doesn't yet appear on Google maps / satnavs.  The postcode does get you there but you need to keep a sharp eye out for the entrance and then park up.
Parking was easy enough, entrance as I said is very private and discreet, surroundings very safe.

Hayley and Bella
I can confirm that both ladies are very much as per their pictures although the pics don't really do them justice. No touch-ups / photoshop job needed here.
I had asked in advance for PVC dresses and frankly was blown away by how hot they both looked when I arrived.
It was my first time meeting Bella and she is stunningly beautiful which really is only hinted at in her pics. She has a very warm and inviting smile and a sexy glint in her eyes that makes you go weak at the knees.   
Hayley I have met before and is equally gorgeous, slim but with a real hourglass figure - tiny waist round hips, amazing pert boobs and butt.  Strikingly pretty with piercing green eyes and a mane of wild red hair.

Both ladies are English with home counties accents.  They are independent, educated, intelligent, and clearly doing this as much because they enjoy their work as for the money.  They are very easy to talk to and friendly which all helps the whole GFE (or rather the "I wish my girlfriend would be this much of a dirty slut" experience).  They are also obviously good friends and enjoy playing with each other.

All that said I was still very slightly nervous at the sight of these two dressed all in black - heels, stockings and PVC dresses - they looked almost intimidating in an amazonian goddess way.  However both ladies quickly put me right at ease.

Pretty much all the things you might imagine enjoying in an FFM threesome we tried!
Lots of girl-girl mutual stimulation (oral, toys, strap-ons) while I was getting OWO or joining in and taking turns, spit-roasting, missionary with an amazing view of one of the ladies sitting on the others face, various 69 variants, me underneath while both of them had a go on top, then me watching them 69 while I joined in alternating between DTBJ and shagging doggie style while having my balls licked/played with.
Lots of rimming, anal play, butt plugs, and then DP with a strap on with me and Hayley both fucking Bella.
Prostate massage with lots of OWO / hand relief to finish CIM.
Oh and I filmed the whole thing - neither lady had any problem with that - entirely for my own "wank bank" as Hayley so eloquently put it! :)

I'm sure I missed something but everything on their lists was on offer.

The date
This was not so much a GFE more of a "my girlfriend wanted to introduce me to her bi-curious best friend so we could both shag her!" experience.

As I said this was a bucket-list item for me and I couldn't have asked for more.
The 2 hour session was a smart move as we didn't feel at all rushed. It was the longest most intense sex session of my life, and frankly it would take hours to describe blow-by-blow so here are very brief highlights.
Walking in the door to be greeted by two stunning ladies dressed in black PVC outfits, absolutely knocked-out by how beautiful and sexy they both looked.
Being led up the stairs with the sight of two amazing sets of legs and bums leading the way. Should have filmed that! :)
Being quickly backed into a corner and towered over by these almost amazonian ladies - and having to insist the heels come off just so I didn't feel so tiny! I am 5'10 so not something I am used to!
Sensual kisses while squeezing two PVC clad arses.
Then just an amazing blur of BJ's and every imaginable position with me getting the best views ever as these two lovely ladies worked on each other and me with gusto, clearly enjoying themselves as much as I was.
By the end of the session poor Bella was visibly shaking having cum so many times!
The 2 hour session tested my stamina and I had to have a couple of cold showers in the middle just to have a breather. 
I left them feeling like I was floating on a cloud, literally buzzing from the whole experience.

Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

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