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Author Topic: Freya was part of portfolio girls  (Read 714 times)


Contacted her for booking as she has dropped her price for October. . She did reply asking what I was interested in.. so picked a few things of her enjoys list.. owo.. fk.. anal.. and she didn't respond. . So dropped her another message asking her to let me know so that I can make alternative arrangements for my Saturday night hole and she came back and said.. sorry.. but I don't offer all of those services.. but know a girl that does if I was interested!!
Well thanks.. did reply and ask why she listed them if not offered but thanked her anyway.. saved me the bother of getting there and to be told.. I don't do that..

Anyone seen her.. she could have been a lovely experience if she did what it says on tin.

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Offline Corus Boy

Looks like she is part of a Group or Agency and therefore her profile may be edited by them than her. Was the other girl part of the same group?

Her Profile emails may even be answered by the Group Manager.

Seemed like her rather than a group manager responding.. did bother looking into the alternative she offered and have not as ked her to let me known who she is.. in her profile there is a link to another group now with one other girl on the there. . That could be who is on about.. on the portfolio girls website she is still there too.

Sorry about the grammar in my last post.. bloody phone text prediction.

Offline SirFrank

Profile is shit and written by someone else. 1 feedback. I could go on. Sounds like by the response you had either it's not her responding or she can't be arsed. Either way I'd kick her into the long grass. Sounds like another space cadet to me
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SirFrank.. your a star.. love it.. and you are right..
I am still fairly young but boy have I been around the track.. I had my eye on her for a while on the portfolio girls website.. she is still on there but felt she was a bit pricey for an unknown and only offered outcalls.. anyway now they seem to have a flat and are offering incalls.. they must exist as one of the new girls who has started on there is the sister of one of my many xxxxxs..
I am tempted as she is hot and ginger.. but not sure how she would react when I meet her.. :D  could be something to ponder.

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