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Author Topic: Leggy~Kelly Info?  (Read 960 times)

Offline endomorph

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Hi Endomorph.

I've seen Leggy Kelly twice.

Location is a really really seedy block on the Edgware Road just north of Marylebone Road.  The flat itself is nice but the walk up to her floor is like something out of a 1970's Kojak episode in some tenement block.  There are little mouse traps on each landing (no, really!).

She is very slim and shapely.  Teeth look a bit mangy but she was clean and fresh.  Nice personality and polite.  Service was OK, nothing memorable about it frankly.  OWO and 69.

She was good enough that I saw her a second time but just as i came out of the shower she told me that her landlord was on his way and that I had to leave - unless I wanted to do a 15 minute booking instead.  I declined.

Won't be seeing her again, and that's a fact.

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