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Author Topic: Nathalie-love  (Read 1568 times)

17 review(s) for Nathalie-love (15 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline monstar


Superb services, very deep DFK, sloppy OWO and in an excellent location.

Initial contact was made three days before the meeting date through AW email. Perfect written English replies received back extremely promptly. Location sent via text with instruction to call for apartment number when nearby.

There was a slight mix up on the meeting day caused by miscommunication on both sides. This didn't cause any issues with the meeting, although I did receive some slight attitude over the phone about it from Nathalie while I was getting her apartment number, which didn't give me a great first impression of her.

Nathalie has an excellent apartment with its own entrance on a very discreet road close to the underground station.

As mentioned in other reviews, her apartment has spiral stairs which provides you with a delightful sight of her bum as she ascends them to a spacious living room.

The bathroom has a cubicle shower - good water pressure, the temperature adjust dial is broken but was warm and at a perfect temperature for me. There is a good choice of shower gels and a clean towel was provided.

Her bedroom is quite small but it has a nice relaxing ambience thanks to the candle light and a comfortable bed.

I was slightly concerned about how Nathalie was going to look due to reading other reviews which suggested she is larger than her photos. After seeing her in person, I would agree she is larger than her photos but mainly because her photos portray quite a slim lady. In person she has a great body with no excess but isn't slim and toned, instead she has curves in the right places, a wonderful ample bum and great hip to waist ratio which was perfect for doggy!

Facially she is pretty with delicious full lips but is definitely in her 30s and had slight bags under her eyes.

She was dressed exactly as requested; dress, suspenders and heels.

Nathalie is friendly and was a good host, constantly topping up our wine throughout the meeting.

We had good conversations and Nathalie has many interesting stories from her travels all around the world. Unfortunately I didn't feel that we 'clicked' at all which is an important part of a GFE type booking for me. This may have been exacerbated as Nathalie doesn't hide when she is not happy with something which came across as annoyance / bad attitude a couple of times; initial miscommunication, 'little monstar' having performance issues and putting a drink next to her mobile phone.

Two hours at £300. The meeting ended naturally around the two hour mark and there was no clock watching.

We started with drinks and a short chat upstairs, sorted the paperwork before heading back down for me to take a shower.

In the bedroom, Nathalie dived straight on me to give a passionate and (very deep) DFK. Dress and bra off, onto bed for OWO, plenty of ball play and some DT. Nathalie has very skilled and sloppy OWO technique, the combination of this and her exceptionally warm mouth / tongue meant it wasn't long before I popped in her mouth - she deposited it in the bathroom and had a quick swirl of mouthwash before returning.

She was very responsive during RO with my mouth and one finger in her cute pussy, there was plenty of strong hip movements and appreciative noises coming from her before she tightly squeezed my head with her thighs as she orgasmed.

During my recharge time she did check her phone three times, but for no longer than 30 seconds. She also gave me a very good massage which worked up from my feet to my neck.

There was more sloppy OWO before condom on for cowgirl, she has a good technique so I let her proceed until popping inside her in the condom. She left me to clean myself up with tissues while she freshened up in the bathroom.

We had a decent conversation laying on the bed while finishing the wine before more DFK, OWO and then doggy, where she subtly positioned herself on the bed so I had another wonderful view in the mirror. As mentioned earlier, her hip to waist ratio is amazing for doggy and provided good grip for more vigorous penetration before pop number three in doggy.

I finished my drink, took a quick shower and there was a light kiss before leaving.

Good GFE with a hint of PSE
Great body with ample bum
Passionate (very deep) DFK
Excellent sloppy OWO
Responsive RO
Mirror view
Good amount of eye contact
Excellent location
Partakes in a drink

Facially pretty but signs of ageing
We didn't 'click'
Checked phone three times

Slight attitude when she is unhappy / annoyed

Nathalie provided a good GFE; excellent services all delivered with enthusiasm, her DFK and OWO are some of the best I have experienced. She isn't slim and toned as her photos may suggest, but has a great curvy body with an ample bum and is pretty although showing slight signs of ageing.

There were a few occasions when Nathalie expressed her annoyance which slightly soured the meeting for me, however I believe these could have easily been overlooked by another punter as I put a high importance on the overall "experience".

I would recommend Nathalie as her services provided are some of the best I have received, however I will not consider returning unless her two hour rate goes down to £250.
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17 review(s) found for Nathalie-love linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline StevenS

Excellent review and very timely for me. Cheers!

Offline Goofy85

I saw Nathalie a month ago after seeing her good feedback and have to say I had a brilliant time and found her really friendly throughout, even sharing a few jokes during our time together. No phone checking. She's really well-rounded, university-educated and I found her to be very intelligent. If I was wealthier I would see her regularly. Would highly recommend.

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