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Author Topic: Visiting Bristol  (Read 902 times)

Offline jt69er

Hi all, myself and some friends are visiting Bristol next weekend and we are hoping to do a little punting!We would be very grateful for any advice offered, especially on the massage/sauna scene.

Offline SirFrank

Hi mate welcome to the site. Check out the south west review page and see if anything catches your eye. In terms of personal recommendations - little Katie and naughty slut soph are stellar girls but both are usually booked up in advance so last minute is usually not possible. Other girls who generally get good reviews here (but I've never seen so I can't offer an opinion either way) are godess Karolina and English Rebecca 121.

I've not done saunas for a long time but can recommend some massage if you just want massage with a happy ending (but no shagging)
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Offline jt69er

Thanks for that Sir Frank, massage, sauna, brothel would be more suitable for us as we really would not be in a position to book beforehand.

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