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Author Topic: jessica.sanchez  (Read 1610 times)

This girl's been around in Edinburgh a good few weeks now: www.adultwork.com/1726408

Looks good. Nobody got any info?

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Offline BigBandy

I booked her last week but not seen her as I was running 5 mins late (bloody Edinburgh traffic) and she had to cancel on me, so don't be late. So I saw Alissa sweet who shares the same flat and the guy who Jessica was seeing must have liked the spanking he got as he was putting me off the old vinegar strokes, as you could hear the spanking and then the groans hahaha.

Not got around to rebooking but let me know if you see her what she's like

Offline Jock

Anyone seen her
Photos look too good to be true
Banning reason: Whinger

Offline Argento79

That link has gone. Is it this one? https://www.adultwork.com/2779242

If so, there has deffo been some photoshop going on with the face for sure.

Offline Jock

If the photos are real she is hot. Can't be fucked with another let down through and can't afford it either.  Open the door and it will be like a recovering crack whoore at best
Banning reason: Whinger

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