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Author Topic: Thai in worcester  (Read 1116 times)

Offline Kermit007

Has any of the local worcester guys noticed there seems to be a lot of thai operate in the bath rd area. They seem to swap about about a bit which concerns me.
I did see one a couple of weeks ago who was a pleasant enough girl with a basic service but she said she was visiting a friend and has since been replaced.

Offline vision2014

Hi ive been looking at the girls in Worcester too I rang one about 3 months ago and she was near the new cinema but I never went something just did not seam right but would like to try again how far up bath road are they

Don't worry about these women, they are legit.

I have seen 2 now on the bath road location, and they were both very nice, lots of eye contact and a great service. Not rushed either.

However, the first one I saw is now back in bangkok seeing her ill father, and the other leaves for cambridge on sunday.

Offline Kermit007

I think there are 2 groups of girls now being discussed here. The ones by the cinema tend to be japanese and I agree that felt wrong, replies to txt messages blatantly came from a 3rd party who reeled off the girls stats like an advert.
The other group are on bath road and phones have been answered by the girls themselves, but It's the fact they seem to swap around so much that raises alarm bells with me.

Offline Kermit007

Its a shame cos I really fancy ticking jap off the bucket list. Some of them look great on the profiles too. Has anyone actually seen any of the japanese in friar st?.

Offline vision2014

I know a someone who has seen them on friar st  the maid is the women who used to run above a Chinese takeaway in Malvern which I know myself had I been to the one in Malvern 3 years ago and I saw her on friar street coming out the building on the day I called to go see someone.
I back out last minute but will try again
The girls seem to rota in a week some come back again in the month some don't from what I been told
whats interesting is the girl what chap saw had a profile on AW she was very tall and good looks she is at the moment working  across the street serving food
I would really like to have dinner there and ask her if she is dessert

Offline Kermit007

Is the entrance at the friar street location discreet?. Being a local man i am not wanting to be seen entering such a place. I am so ready to try one of these girls but I cant help but think they may be trafficed.

Offline vision2014

Its just set back alittle from the  street but no one would know its the entrance to such a thing anyway park in  multi car park opposite with the (traffic) you would never know really with any girl whos not English really I personally think from my experience they are mainly students uni type in Birmingham some off the thai girls people mention ive seen them out on Saturday nights in brum in there some gangs of male and female in there student bars

Offline Andy Q

Hello All,
Are the Bath Rd Thai girls still active? Does anyone have contact details please?

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