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Author Topic: Nathalie or Cindy for roleplay?  (Read 703 times)

Offline StevenS


Bit of advice please!! Next booking I want to make will be a roleplay. Nothing weird just needs to be with someone that can talk in character and run with the scenario really well.

Am looking at either platinum Cindy or Nathalie love.

Decision based purely on the ability to roleplay, not on who gives the best blowjob/fuck/anal etc. at the risk of sounding fluffy I guess it's about creativity and intelligence to get right under the skin of the scenario

Great reviews on both but who does that best??
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I would say it is dependent on the type of Role play and how convincing you want it to be - I am not into the role play scene too much as when I have tried it a few times I get to want to FCK the girl within 10 seconds - Had Cindy in the Cheerleader pink outfit and nearly ripped off her tight tiny top so I can tit wank on her tits - Nathalie is slightly older than Cindy about 8/9 years and when I had a session with her for +2 hours she changed twice to spice up the 3nd and 3rd rounds. So both excellent IMO.

However if I had to pick it would be Cindy - Why not send them both an email and see what replies you get?

Offline TreyWalker

I have not been with both, just candy. I suggested a personal trainer scenario where she had been training me and just had to take me to a hotel for a "workout".

Outfit was perfect, and she got into character, saying things like "I wanted you to bend me over the machine" and stuff. So she does play the role you ask her.

She also got serious plus points for role playing in comms but still giving me all the information I needed and asked for.

Offline The happy one

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